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Boley signing with Giants… CANTY?!!!

Earlier today we asked Wonder about the three players the Giants were looking at:

Boley: ok if price is right …3M/year
Bernard: NO, NO, NO
Canty: YES, YES, YES !!! BIG TIME PLAYER…6yrs. 36M about right with $12M signing bonus prorated…anything less is STEALING….6yrs. $42M acceptable…he’s a rare “inside-outside” DL..

Boley is about to be signed for 25M/5yrs, richer than Wonder thinks is appropriate. But considering how tight Jerry Reese is, this does not sound so outlandish. Bart Scott signed for 8M/per. Boley is no Scott, but Boley is certainly better than the clowns we have right now who are masquerading as OLBers. THIS IS GOOD, BROWN THE 2M EXTRA PER YEAR, I am glad we have him on our team, he certainly addresses a huge need and will get the job done a helluva lot better than anyone on the team right now. He’ll be 27 by the time the season starts, done. Show him his locker.

Now as for Canty, this guy is worth getting excited about. Next to DeMarcus Ware, I have always felt this guy made an impact for Dallas on defense. Funny, two of his three sacks this past season were against us, I guess I know why I like him. Wonder says that Canty is the best player left in free agency. I would so much rather spend $$ here on Canty than on TJH, because DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Last year we lost Strahan and Osi, this year if we could get Canty and Osi that would be a pendulum swing the other way, THE RIGHT WAY. Canty is visiting the Giants tomorrow- you know what that means… he is signing a contract with us or he is leaving permanently to visit and sign with someone else. This makes the Giants very live for getting him.