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Bomar signed off the practice squad

It may be an incredibly minor and small move, but from our perspective it is an important one. 

 When Jacobs and Ross were put on season-ending IR (more of a formality consider it is year end), it has the weird quirk of opening up a roster spot for 2 players.  The Giants signed Bomar to one of them, thus protecting him.  Wise move, Mr. Reese.  Once again, it is not that Rhett Bomar is the next great QB in the NFL.  But he is that QB lottery ticket that needs time to be brought along. 

So many positions in the NFL need time to take players with skill from college and allow them to make that successful transition to the pro level.  You don’t go from college grad to CEO in one year.  Interior defensive linemen in my opinion have the hardest of all transitions.  That is because the mental and physical adjustments required are exremely high.  QBs have it rough too, with many mental adjustments, slowing down the game.  Bomar could be a bust.  OR he could be a very credible backup to Eli Manning.  Carr will probably try to look for something bigger next season, and if he does then Bomar could be the #2.  Protecting Bomar in W17 makes a great deal of sense, because it is a cheap lottery ticket.  You’ve gotta be in it to win it.