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Boss, Andrews, Brown, and Osi

TE Kevin Boss might sign with the Raiders.  For the Giants to allow this guy to test the open market seem suspicious.  Boss is such a warrior and has not shown his full potential because of Gilbrown.  But is he one more concussion from calling it quits?  The Giants did sign TE Ben Patrick.   

Giants signed another offensive lineman.  The newest Giant is Stacy Andrews.  Stacy is the brother of former Giant Shawn Andrews.  Give credit to Reese.  Adding Andrews is an uptick.  Last season, the Giants used Shawn Andrews as an extra tackle.  Using Shawn in this capacity, improved the Giants run game. And I surmise, they may use Stacy in the same role.   Especially since the Giants face three formidable opponents to open the season.  

Running back Andre Brown is back with the Giants.  

This Osi soap opera is becoming nettlesome.  Here is my take on this: 

Regardless of what was said between Reese and Osi,  right now, Osi has zero leverage.  He is under contract for the next two years.  More importantly, if he had something in writing about said conversation, that would be a different story. And he does not. So he needs to shut up and practice.

Giants know they will not get a number one pick for him.  Now Reese has him backed into a corner.  Although Reese may appear to be disingenuous in Osi’s eyes,  it does not matter.  Reese is a much better negotiator than Osi and his agent.  And Osi’s ahem attacks are making himself look like a fool.