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Boss Cause

Kevin Boss is a Raider.  Earlier this week, Kevin Boss was in Napa, California visiting the Raiders.  Needless to say, it was a fruitful visit for Kevin Boss. Yesterday, Boss and the Raiders came to terms on a contract.  Boss inked a 4 year deal worth 16 million dollars.   In the short term, this is Good for Boss and bad for the Giants.  With the surprising departure of Boss, this leaves a serious hole at the TE position.  Currently, the Giants have newly acquired Ben Patrick, Travis Beckum, and Jake Ballard.  On the other hand, it is worth repeating Andy’s trenchant remarks about Boss:

A reminder before the Giants turn their attention to Kevin Boss.  As long as Eli-the-inaccurate is throwing balls to his TE, Boss has the possibility of being maimed or becoming a cripple before the age of 30.  Boss throws his body out there and will fight for any ball, even if it means getting the living snot kicked out of him.  In 2011, this wonderful talent was beat up so badly that he was a shell of himself.  Between the injuries and the concussions, the Giants (sad to say) cannot overpay for his services either.  Boss is such a valuable weapon, and when healthy he is the antidote for Gilbride’s red zone brain-lock.  So Giants fans, pine for Boss along with the rest of us, but realize that Boss is one or two concussions away from his career being over.  Mr. Sullivan, please remind your QB that your (potential re-signed) overachieving TE is only 6’6″, he is not Manute Bol.

In the long term, the Giants cannot afford to overpay a player who his one hit away from hanging it up.

Frankly, Kevin Boss will be missed.  I will never forget his incredible catch and scamper in Super Bowl XLII.  And let us not forget his heads up play against the Packers in the NFC Championship game.  Recall, Brandon Jacobs coughed up the football and left it on the frozen turf on the goal line.  A heads up Boss pounced on the ball.  This unsung play aided the Giants in defeating the Packers.