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Bradshaw part 62

This time it is Garafolo’s turn to look for Mr. Bradshaw. As soon as Jacobs slows down and loses that 1/4 step (which turns into 1/2 step by midseason and a full step by the end of the season), Bradshaw should be starting. I would say he should be starting right now, but with Jacobs playing well, the Giants can certainly win with #27. Jacobs makes the Giants a much more physical team, and that is great. But Bradshaw is not exactly a pussycat out there… he runs very hard, just ask Ronde Barber. From my perspective, why not use Bradshaw in the slot, or even line him up wide? He has shown he can haul in a pass very well, and with Jacobs in the backfield, I would bet Bradshaw can throw a block as well if not better than any wideout. Not to mention the attention he can command out there in space. Everyone implicitly understands that Bradshaw can break a big one for 6 if given the carries and playing time. The Giants offense NEEDS him out there to spread the defense. Ward is a nice back, but does Ward spread the defense? No, he does not. This issue probably will not matter right now, but as the season progresses, if we are not seeing a lot of #44 it will be the coaches not having the best players on the field.