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Brandon Jacobs

Eyes were certainly raised on Sunday night when Jacobs was howling about the money coming for him and Derrick Ward as both contracts expire after this season.

Wonder will probably disagree with me on this… he thinks you simply lock in players because the way the NFL works is to the advantage of the teams, they cut the player if they don’t want to keep you… but I felt it was correct to let Jacobs go into the last year of his contract w/o reupping the deal. Why? Because if the team got the kind of productivity (read: HEALTH) from this RB, great for him in 2009+ and great for the team in 2008. If we did NOT have 2 other backs, the thinking would have to be different.

Time for ultimatenyg to get a rise out of the peanut gallery- Jacobs is not going to necessarily do so well in free agency, even if he makes it out of the season in good health. Why? Because even though he is a very good running back, he has help from that OL. Don’t confuse the tone… He will do well, and after the season is over (assuming the money is not over the top) the Giants will be CORRECT to re-sign him. But if the money Ward and Jacobs will command is high, the Giants will clearly only look to retain one of them. Remember, they let Ward hit the free agent market, and there was essentially no outside interest. I suspect that that will not be the case the second time around. Either way, the Giants will have enough cap room to go after at least one. And if they get neither, well break my heart, I guess we’ll have to take a chance with that 3rd string guy, Ahmad something-or-other. Yours truly will not be losing a single night’s sleep about those offseason RB negotiations, no sirree bob. Please don’t throw me into THAT briar patch!