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Bulluck= NY Giant 2010 Title Aspirations

Saturday afternoon, on vacation, the cellphone rings.  One of the faithful has called with the news that Bulluck has signed with the Giants.

This is really great news.  We here at UltimateNYG have a reputation for being a little more critical than everyone else.  That is based on a few things:

1) We root for our team to win CHAMPIONSHIPS, not to win 8 games or get into the playoffs.

2) Only 1 out 32 teams can win a title, so the small odds DICTATE that your team has to be uniquely prepared

It was just this past Tuesday, with the Giants headed into training camp without a set of credible Linebackers, that we laid out that reason as a significant obstacle to the Giants vying for a Super Bowl Championship.  On Thursday, we reminded the optimistic that, unlike 2007 at RB and 2009 at WR, that the 2010 LB roster likely did not have the talent to offer salvation.

And on Saturday, possible salvation arrived.  Keith Bulluck announced that he will be joining the NY Giants.

The comments on Sunday were excellent.  Glenn reminded us that Bulluck will help our younger guys like Goff and Dillard.  HSSports pointed out that it is still an ACL, that we cannot expect great play.  Pete pointed out that more than a few teams were interested in Bulluck, that Bulluck turned away many teams and passed on Whisenhunt’s Cardinals.  He also reminded us that Bulluck will not play on all downs, certainly not at the beginning of the season. Bob pointed out that we are a Bulluck’s-knee-away from retuning to the same weakness.

Consensus was from all that the Giants certainly got a lot better with this pickup.

About a week or two before this move, there was some chatter (which was unsubstantiated, so we did not air it) about Bulluck and the Giants exchanging a look.  We asked Wonder: “It all depends on his health..if ok, would be AWESOME….if damaged goods, have to stay away.”

Wonder is a big believer in Bulluck, calling him “a man’s man.”  A guy like DeAngelo Hall has multiple Pro Bowls and is a 3.  But Wonder gives Bulluck, who picked up but one Pro Bowl, a 1, the highest rating for a career filled with great play.

Summary:  We have to operate on the assumption that the Giants and Cards were keen to evaluate Bulluck’s health properly.  A healthy Bulluck shores up the Giants’ LBer unit and puts the Giants in a position to vie for a title.  There are a great deal of things that need to go right for the Giants this season, but with Bulluck at MLB, 2010’s chances rose significantly for this franchise.  We applaud the move and eagerly await the beginning of training camp.