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Bundle Up and You’ll Be Fine

Kudos to Jimmy Traina.  Someone gets it about the sterility of the Super Bowl.

Yes, there is signs of intelligent life out there on Planet Earth.  Someone in the mainstream media had the balls to tell the NFL and their minions to “Bundle Up” if, god forbid, they do the right thing and select the New Meadowlands Stadium for the Super Bowl in 2014.  (Yes, if you can somehow peel yourself away from the picture of Evangeline Lilly and scroll down, you’ll find Traina’s remarks.) 

UltimateNYG“I hope the weather is -10° degrees and a blizzard.  All of the corporate-NFL-30-teamers will be long gone and the only people in the stadium will be the hardcore fans of the 2 teams that are playing.”

Traina: “..who cares about the phony fans who attend the Super Bowl? Real, die-hard fans are not at the game. It’s corporate people who couldn’t care less about it.”

Separately, I just love Traina’s remarks about the media.  Spot on.  There is no crying about bad weather football.  Unless you are the media and you have to cover it as part of your job.  Too bad this one wasn’t at the old Metropolitan Stadium.   

Addendum- Vic Carucci of NFL.com, knows a thing or two about bad weather football games.  At least he gets it