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Carl Banks after Week 10

The original #58 gives Andy his latest take after meeting at the Airport Sunday night (no, actually from his interview on WFAN this past Friday and Monday).


1.     Can the Gmen turn it around as a “large part of me (Banks) believes that they will” but “part of me still is reserved.”  He also thinks the “schedule is conducive for a turnaround” and if they “win the next 3 games then they are back on track.”


2.     On a healthier team: “More bodies gives them a lot more latitude defensively to do some things.” It “has become obvious, from a linebacker standpoint minus Boley they are not a fast group; so it doesn’t make sense to blitz if they can’t get there.  In the past they used to blitz a DB more frequently” and this “buys a little more time for a LBer to get there.”


3.     Margin of error is what separates teams in this league with the exception of 4 teams.  Carl believes a lot of the poor tackling league-wide “equates to poor technique and practice” as well as “poor coaching on it.”  He refers to all of Herm Edward’s teams as an example.  If you execute the “basic fundamentals you are 8 games ahead of the crowd.”


4.     On Ramses Barden and what Ramses understands to get on the field:  “Ramses understands that the way on the field with Coughlin is that you have to understand everything that is expected of a wide receiver.”  Yet Carl doesn’t believe it will be long before Barden gets on the field.

The addition and contribution of Ross, Boley, Canty and what Sheridan has learned from his bye week of self scouting will be major factors in whether this team will turn this season around.  The theme for beating this team the past 4 games revolves around their quarterback’s ability to get rid of the ball quickly to counter the edge rushers of Osi, Tuck and Kiwi.  We witnessed how masterful Brees is at this and particularly how Rivers pulled it off in the Charger’s final drive the other week.  The addition of Ross is going to mask the fact that the linebackers “are not a fast group” in both pass coverage and allows Sheridan to blitz a DB more often.   

Is it not bothersome that in order for a rookie’s talent to be on the field he has to know everything that is expected of a Coughlin receiver?  Can we not utilize the strengths of each player and understand their weaknesses while masking them?  The success of the New England Patriot’s of the league is due to the fact that they approach their drafting and scouting based on how a player’s strength can be utilized in their schemes.   Can’t a graduate of Cal Poly handle a limited set of plays with his skill set in mind in order to get that talent on the field?  Couldn’t we utilize Sintim’s speed and rushing ability considering their linebackers “are not a fast group”?

Bottom line, to paraphrase Banks “this team has to come out with the resolve” against Atlanta and from here on out.. especially after Dallas and Philly provided them a bye week gift.  If not, then we can start posting about who they will draft at linebacker and who will be out there as coaching replacements.