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Carl Banks keyword: Energy

‘Energy’ was the keyword to describe Sunday’s win and a key ingredient that was missing most of the past month and a half. 

 The original #58 believes “energy overcomes bad blocks and missed tackles.”  This past Friday on WFAN Banks reasoned that by getting Goff, Sintim and the Kehl” you “put more athleticism” and “speed on the field.”  Well this Monday he added that you get “a different dynamic when there is an infusion of younger talent and energy.”  Their “hustle plays are what enable them to overcome what they didn’t have” or as Banks stated on Friday that the previous unit of LBs are “average at best, not athletic.”  The “infusion of youth” and “a healthy Ross brings you more speed” to “do some different things” as it relates to blitz packages was Banks response to a question regarding the blitzes this past Sunday.  Let’s refer back to what Mr. Furman stated this past Friday: “if you get your choice of losing with Blackburn’s lack of speed or losing with Goff’s inexperience” which one works out better for you per the original #58?  Not to take away from the guys who were benched as “they all came in and gave 100%” and didn’t come in to just “collect a paycheck.”

Many of you may have been frustrated by the 3rd down conversion rate and Witten being open all day, but this appears to have been the result of their “strategy of playing deep to short.”  Let them have the “dinks and dunks and the underneath stuff” as long as “they don’t beat you with the big play” and “Miles Austin.”  Banks believes “Dallas had to be thinking that the big play would come as everyone was doing it” the past 6-7 weeks.   This also appears to be a vote of confidence from Sheridan with leaving Webster on single coverage.  However, Banks has a concern with him “not in his ability but lack of focus.”  Overall Webster “is too good a player not to have these types of lapses” like he had with the Austin touchdown at the end of the game” as he has “gotta’ be a finisher.”  That was not one of his better performances and if “he has a few of those” lapses against Philly “he’ll get a beat down.” 

On the offense side of the ball the ‘energy’ was displayed by the “Darcy Johnson block down the field” on Jacobs long TD and per Banks’ conversation with a coach who pointed out that “Nicks was blocking for 35 yards!” on Boss’s improvised rumble.  Got to love this kid Nicks as he has the entire package! The Offensive Line showed more physical effort, as there were “not a lot of white shirts in the backfield” and the Bradshaw cutback run showed the Offensive Line “following through with their blocks.”  Their trio of Manningham, Smith and Nicks “makes it difficult for defenses” to adjust but Smith failed to focus on what Banks believes “Eli’s throw might have been his best pass all year” to Smith in the end zone on the last drive.  Quick update on the Offense- Snee appears to be okay

On the state of Dallas he believes it will come down to “their playcaller” or how far their “offensive coordinator takes them.”  He has heard that this is “almost a 2 head coach team” between the defense and offense.  Phillips apparently “has no input on the offense” and “no veto power” over the offense.  On who Tuck calls a “dirt bag”, “if the NFL doesn’t suspend Flozell Adams there’s something wrong.”   Finally, for all of the PSL haters Banks hypothesizes that “a lot of the Dallas fans could be a by-product of the PSLs.” 

Sunday night versus the Eagles “will require a bigger effort than the Dallas game” as they are at a “whole ‘nother level.”  The Eagles “have owned them” as of late and the last game “was a total domination.”  They need to play the “penalty-free Tom Coughlin football” they displayed against Dallas.  Funny, where was Tom last week?  But they also need to be “more efficient in the red zone, pass block” well and have the same defensive “game plan” as they played against Dallas.

Motown here.  Energy and effort was as clear and evident to everyone but the addition of the youth movement was clearly the most significant factor.  A huge kudos to Sheridan and Coughlin for this motivational tactic and having the guts go with an “infusion of youth.”  Do you think that perhaps the benched players got a job warning sign to get their brown together?  The fact that “speed and athleticism” gives you more options to do “some different things” such as bringing more speed on a blitz up the middle, eliminating big plays after the catch and setting the tone for physical play gives a glimmer of hope for not only this season but next year especially. 

Although the strategy of “play deep to short” reminds me of the Tim Lewis “bend but don’t break” scheme it makes tremendous sense based on the personnel, or lack thereof, in the secondary.  It is also a testament of their lack of confidence in the Safety position defending the deep pass.  But this is where Ross comes in and will continue to progress as evident with his 4th and 2 solo tackle of Barber, an element that a safety must possess.  Rouse can play the run well but having Ross get healthier and his game wind back will allow them to diversify away from the “play deep to short” strategy.  Canty also appeared to be getting closer to making a bigger impact as he was very close to blowing up a few plays in their backfield.  Again, a matter of him getting his game wind back as well as a comfort level within a new 4-3 system.

A positive sign, but let’s see what we get this Sunday night against a team that has “owned them” over the last 2 seasons.