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Carolina 41 Giants 9

Michael Strahan at HALFTIME (paraphrased): The Giants are playing with no heart.

They are in front of all those former Giants for the last game at Giants Stadium, and with the (lack of) effort they gave, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs!

So there you have it. Even if Dallas somehow loses tonight, loses next week, and the Giants win next week, Michael Strahan said that the Giants do not DESERVE to be in the playoffs.

We’ll make this a very short recap.

Good: The game ended.

Bad: The officiating.

Ugly: Everything.


The Panthers were injury-riddled, with 11 players on IR.  DeAngelo Williams, Both Offensive Tackles, etc.. etc..etc..  The Panthers are not that good.  The Giants should not be that bad.

This was a terrible day for the Giants and their fans.  The Giants were big favorites and yet they once again UNDERACHIEVED.  They were not ready.  They were without energy.  We looked for a ray of hope from last Monday’s win.  We were disappointed.  As soon as the Giants faced a good enough team one game later, the team was promptly put back in its place.  What place is that?  The place where the defense cannot do a lick.  48 Saints, 24 Cards, 40 Eagles, 21 Chargers, 31 Falcons, 26 Broncos, 24 Dallas, 45 Eagles, 12 Redskins, 41 Panthers.  Incredibly, this team has given up 31 points per game over this 10 game stretch.

FOUR.  Count them.  Four games this season the Giants have given up 40+ points in a game this season.  That is not Giants football. Someone find out when was the last time the Giants gave up 40+ points in a season four times.  The last ugly year of Giants football, 2003, 4-12, when the team tanked on Fassel, the defense had ONE game late in the season when they gave up 45 points.  ONE.  This season has FOUR.  Rookie coordinator or not, that is disgusting and disgraceful.  And from a unit that Banks says has ~7 good players on, it is unacceptable.  Expansion teams do not give up 40 points four times a season.  The Texans in 2002 NEVER gave up 40 points.

We talked about Cofield spinning it positive for the rookie coordinator, that Sheridan was improving.  The answer today, just two weeks after the defense got throttled for 45 at the hands of the Eagles, was to give up another 41 to the Panthers.  Sheridan is obviously not making his case to be brought back.

We were fair to Gilbride this week.  And as much as I’d like to assign blame to him, I actually will not in this game.  It was not his fault that the refs made some horrible calls that took away a TD and A LOT OF MOMENTUM.  It was not his fault that Manningham fumbles away a good opening drive.  We lost some of that crisp playcalling, but this loss was not on him.  The entire team played with lack of energy and packed it in as soon as the 1st half onslaught got into gear. I’ll just speak for myself and say that you have to blame Tom Coughlin for this kind of wholesale embarrassment.  Where is the evidence of that?  In a quote provided by Buck and Aikman during the game, Coughlin made an admission that was as horrid as it was candid: “Until we put back to back wins together, I don’t know what we are going to have on Sunday.”  If the head coach does not know what he is going to have on Sunday, isn’t that an indictment?  Those are the coach’s words, not mine.