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Carolina Panthers preview for Week 1

The Giants will win on opening day vs the Carolina Panthers, and it will be easy.

The UltimateNYG resident expert on all of the other 31 NFL teams is Wonder.  So we asked him about the Panthers.

“The Panthers will not win vs the Giants,” said Wonder.  “Their offense has exactly one weapon.  That is (Carolina Panther) Steve Smith.  Once you stop Steve Smith, you pack the line and the game is over.  Moore s*cks.  Defensively they are okay, but they will miss Peppers (who now plays for the Chicago Bears).  Their secondary isn’t great, so Manning will be able to move the ball and score on this team.”

Prediction of a final score?  Wonder continues…

“20-10 NY Giants, and that is giving the Panthers about as much respect as I can give them.  If the Giants execute properly they will win comfortably by more than 10 points.  As long as the Giants do not turnover the ball, they will not lose.”

When you look at the schedule, Moore is one of the weaker QBs the Giants face this season.  If Moore is actually able to have success throwing the ball, what do you think Romo, Peyton, Schaub et al will be able to do vs us?  So Wonder’s pregame analysis fits and is consistent with what we are looking at.

Someone came to me with a question about a survivor pool- he pointed out that the Giants are the largest (-7) favorites this weekend.  We are a Giants site, not a betting site, but once in a while we have to point it out when we see it… this game vs the Panthers is a trap.  (Forgetting what Wonder forecast) how many of you think that the Giants laying 7 points as a general concept is a good idea?!  Not me.  And yet the Giants are TD favorites… the largest favorites of the week, inviting you to take the points.  That is the trap.  Go the other way.  The Giants will cover. 

So we are sticking our necks out here.  The Giants should win comfortably.  But please do not extrapolate on Week 1 success for what it means when the Giants play Week 2 vs Peyton.  The Giants will be coming down to earth in a hurry.  Week 2 will be the first litmus test of where the Giants are, NOT Week 1.  One game at a time, one step at a time, let’s see the Giants execute and handle the Panthers this Sunday and build on that.