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Casting Call

Writing the recap on Sunday was no fun.  It was the last thing a giants fan wants to do when the team has gotten it’s butt handed to them. 

Sometimes you are better off to let it lay fallow for 24 or 48 hours before taking stock and commenting.  But this blog has a lot of positive momentum and there are only 16 games a year.  So something has to give.

This will be a casting call to all of you loyal followers out there.  We’re looking for a few good voices, people who can add insight.  I cannot do this alone.  Peter has signed on.  He’ll be a great resource.  You can probably bounce an idea or two off of him or even Wonder.  There is a lot to build off of.   

If you disagree with some of the things said here, that does not make you unqualified.  In fact, it makes you better qualified.  I am looking for people who can serve the group, show people things they are not looking at.  Things that will make all of us understand our team better. 

Once per week, that should not be too hard for anyone with Giants passion.  And I have a new tool for you…

Spend $25, go to NFL Rewind.  You can subscribe for all of last season’s and this season’s video replay on demand of EVERY game.  For $25.  And with that you can go back to particular plays, tell us what happened, who missed their block, who made the block, how many times there was play action the past three weeks in these losses.  Give us hard data.  I’m guessing when I think the Giants use play action around 3.5 times per game.  It feels like once per quarter, doesn’t it?  But that is a guess.  Maybe it is 4x, or whatever, but it would be better for us to know.