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CHI 27 NYG 21


More mistakes, Part 6.

3 turnovers.  No pass rush. 

Eli throws 2 picks in first 2 drives.  Was Jernigan and then Randle on the wrong route tree?  The Giants never had a lead, as they dug a hole for themselves that they could not climb out of. 

No sacks.  Very limited pressure.

At the end of the first half, the Giants are trying to put together a drive.  Nicks cannot catch a ball that hits his fingers.  But Nicks feet never left the ground- if he jumps up to go get the ball, it is a first down and the Giants may have scored some points.  Agreed, if Nicks jumps up for the ball, he exposes his body to injury.  But in the NFL, that is called making a play.  Nicks did not make a play.

In Q4, Diehl misses a routine pass block.  He is actually blocking with help from RT Pugh.  Yet what looked like a swim move took the DLman around Diehl to pressure Eli and force an errant throw that could have been one of 4 INTs.  

Run defense was not as stout as it was in the first 5 games.  The defense was very ordinary, beyond a nice stop at the beginning of the game off an Eli pick. 

There were some good efforts.  The Giants battled.  Beason and Hill looked very good.  Jacobs looked terrific, as good as we have seen him in ~5 years.  Credit for the run game also goes to FB John Connor and H-back Pascoe.  The balanced offense allowed play action to work.  The Giants were 7-11 on 3rd down because they had more manageable down and distance and more balance.

355 vs 372 yards.  It was a pretty even game except for the big mistakes. 

0-6.  The Giants play Minn on Monday night.  Still searching for a win.  Too many mistakes.   

This is 1970's mistake-prone football where the team cannot come from behind to win a game to save its life.  The 1986 Bobby Johnson catch on 4th and 17 vs MIN was a revelation because the Giants did not have the mental toughness to do that for so many years.  I am rooting for the younger players now because most of the older players will be gone next season.  If you can lose with the old, the old will be gone so that you lose with the younger guys and build something anew. At 0-6, that is what loyalty to this team is.  You hope for JPP to get his pass rush back.  You root for young guys like Will Hill.  They are the future.