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Cleveland 17 New York Giants 14 Halftime

Grateful grateful grateful we are not down by a lot more. What they did not mention on the Edwards bomb to the 4 yard line was that Ross was in single and the safeties were both up at the line of scrimmage, making it like ~9 men in the box. Anderson has to go to his WR there, and Edwards made enough of a move on Ross to shake him. If thrown a little further, it is an easy TD.

Big penalty gives us that second score, whew, or else we are -10 at half. Gotta give a lot of credit to Manning, who delivers in crunch time in the 2 min drill. Ever notice how the offense goes on attack mode when the Giants need it? That is because Gilbride is calling a game more similar to that of the Bengals game early, when he is trying to patiently have a good ground game.. at the cost of an attacking offense that is not taking the (passing) game to this team. Problem is the running calls are very predictable, 1st down incomplete pass early, so second down is a handoff and the entire world knows it, so it gets 4 yards. And 2 of them are from Jacobs falling forward.

Manning INT early when Giants were driving in Q1 was (as Jaws noted) the old Darren Sharper centerfield telegraphed safety pickoff. Manning must look that safety off or else we go back to the 4 INT Viking days.

Without Pierce the defense is lacking. And even with him, we are not pressuring Anderson enough. I saw some pressure, but MOSTLY Anderson has all day to find his 2nd,3rd or even 4th option. Our blitzes are gtg picked up well too, so if Anderson has too much time we are going to be a very ordinary defense.

Steve Smith is money.