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Colts and Saints move on to Super Bowl XLIV

The Colts will play the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV.

I won’t go through a detailed analysis of the games.  I will leave it to you to comment on the MANY things that occurred in both of these games that were worth noting.  There is certainly plenty to talk about.  Because I will leave out a lot of stuff, please do not read into this list as being my attempt to prioritize.  I’ll just note a few things to get the ball rolling…

1) Once Shonn Greene went out, the Jets stopped scoring. 

2) The Jets pass defense failed because the Jets could not put pressure on Manning with (well picked up) blitzes.  “Disguised” blitzes apparently were not well disguised.  Everyone knows the Jets lack a pass rusher, but the Colts OL did a really good job in catching up to Ryan’s schemes.  

3) The poor pass defense by Coleman on the 46 yard pass to Austin Collie the set up the end of Q2 TD score at 17-13 was the killer play.  Instead of halftime 17-9 or even 17-6, it is Peyton Manning who finds his rhythm.  I am not a Jets expert (I intentionally left Wonder alone) but I know the loss of Strickland hurt too.

4) The Brett Favre “moment” at the end of regulation where he has another Corey Webster and throws a pick is part of a very complex series of plays that must be discussed.   

  • 1-10-MIN 21 (2:37) 28-A.Peterson right end to MIN 21 for no gain (93-B.McCray).
  • Two-Minute Warning
  • 2-10-MIN 21 (2:00) 28-A.Peterson right guard to MIN 23 for 2 yards (51-J.Vilma).
  • Timeout #2 by NO at 01:52.
  • 3-8-MIN 23 (1:52) (Shotgun) 4-B.Favre pass short left to 87-B.Berrian to MIN 33 for 10 yards (42-D.Sharper). Pass 5, YAC 5
  • Timeout #1 by MIN at 01:39.
  • 1-10-MIN 33 (1:39) (Shotgun) 4-B.Favre pass deep right to 18-S.Rice to NO 47 for 20 yards (20-R.Gay). Pass 16, YAC 4
  • 1-10-NO 47 (1:14) 29-C.Taylor left guard to NO 33 for 14 yards (91-W.Smith, 42-D.Sharper).
  • Timeout #3 by NO at 01:06.
  • 1-10-NO 33 (1:06) 29-C.Taylor right guard to NO 33 for no gain (92-R.Ayodele).
  • 2-10-NO 33 (:25) 28-A.Peterson right end to NO 33 for no gain (92-R.Ayodele, 98-S.Ellis).
  • Timeout #2 by MIN at 00:19.
  • 3-10-NO 33 (:19) PENALTY on MIN, Offensive 12 On-field, 5 yards, enforced at NO 33 – No Play.
  • 3-15-NO 38 (:19) 4-B.Favre pass deep middle intended for 18-S.Rice INTERCEPTED by 22-T.Porter at NO 22. 22-T.Porter to NO 48 for 26 yards (65-J.Sullivan).

Highlighted in Red are the Prevent Offense moments.  The Vikings think they have the game won when they reach the 33 yard line.  The Saints use their last time out.  Out of nowhere they start playing clock and stop playing football.   Shame on them.  And lose they did.  With a few timeouts still left, they had the entire field at their disposal.  With one minute left they could run down the clock on FOURTH down if they damn well wanted to.  Instead they go into RRRK(ick) mode.  Disgusting.  Good thing this wasn’t the Giants, because every Viking fan out there is ill right now for good reason.  Forget the fact that they had 5 turnovers (I’ll leave all of you to discuss the perils of AP), you have to get the ball down to the 10 yard line (or dare I ask for a TD, to remove the kicker entirely from the equation?!!).  When you miss that objective and ‘only’ get it to the 20, you still leave your kicker with a 37 yarder to go to Miami.  Instead, the offense stops playing.  Those two run plays were so predictable that the Saints had around 15 men in the backfield ready to greet the runner.  What do the Vikings think- that the Saints will let them fall forward for 3 yards each time and get to the 25 yard line?!!  The reason why I am pissed is because the Vikings deserved to win the game.  They were the better team.  But when they pulled that conservative terd bullbrown, capped off by the 12 men in the huddle (yet another reason for WHY you need MORE yards than the 30s for a FG), they deserved everything they got.  A big fat loss.  THE ONLY THING THE PREVENT OFFENSE PREVENTS YOU FROM DOING IS WINNING. 

These games were a lot of fun to watch.  To listen to is another matter.  I found at times that Troy Aikman was a travesty.  Joe Buck would say something in one sentence (“the defenses have settled in”) and then Aikman would spend the next 8 sentences saying that the defenses have settled in.