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Comfortably Numb

It’s a couple of days since the end of Super Bowl XLVI, and we are entitled to enjoy the win for… well, a lifetime.  Each title is a gift of timeless memories.  Electric Simms in XXI.  3rd and 12 in XXV.  The Helmet catch (and 3rd and 11, my favorite) in XLII.  Super Mario’s 38 yarder in XLVI.

Super Bowl XXI ended an entire childhood of chronically bad Giants football.  Super Bowl XXV buried Flipper Anderson.  Super Bowl XLII healed my wounds from the 49er Prevent Offense 38-14 insanity.  Super Bowl XLVI ends the Eagle playoff loss in Jan 2009.

It’s better to be lucky than good.  In Super Bowl XLVI, it was better to be good and lucky.

The Giants had so much good fortune in that game.  I rewatched the game in condensed version, which took 36 minutes.  The number of times you see the ball get put on the ground is scary.  Bullet after bullet dodged.  The Giants ran the gauntlet and grabbed a championship.

If you want a view from the other side, this piece is a MUST READ.  I must have laughed out loud between 10 and 20 times, listening to the torment that Eli is now putting on Patriot fans.  This QB of ours is most definitely New England’s daddy.  The only way to do it right is just to read the linked article.  You learn a lot about your team’s mental toughness when you see the cracks on the other side.

Banner update: It may be a few weeks, but rest assured that we did not think for a minute about jinxing our chances with any preliminary work on the banner before the win was in the books.  When I did the banner before moving over to Bloguin, I purposefully made it so that we could celebrate EVERY title the Giants won with another notch.  This is the kind of intentional obsolescence that should happen to the site as regularly as possible! I like the idea of 4 titles becoming dated.  As they said yesterday at City Hall, see you next year.  That’ll work.

I want to take a moment to thank the rest of our staff for a great season and a great year.  Many of you diehard supporters who are with us all year know that it wasn’t easy posting through the entire NFL strike when we didn’t even know if we would have a season.  That period dragged on and made blogging more like slogging.  We couldn’t have made it through everything without the entire Giants community.  The writers, the readers, the commenters, the Giants, we got through.  This team and this blog are labors of love.  Getting rewarded with a title is just crazy good.  Thanks Paul, Glenn, Pete, Wonder, and Rich.  Celebrating a 4th Super Bowl title with our Giants community has made it a great ride.