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Comparisons Between 2007 and 2011

1) needed to win at end of the season in a year that had underperformance just weeks prior

2) played and lost to the undefeated team, 38-35, during the regular season

3) played a wildcard round game, winning strongly vs an NFC South team

4) playing the #1 seed in the divisional round

5) ~8-9 point underdogs in divisional round, w line moving down to 7.5

6) other divisional round licking their chops to have us win so that they can play at home again

7) no respect because of a season of up and down play before the playoffs

8) Eli playing very well

9) Giants pass rush

10) Jacobs and Bradshaw

11) questionable secondary

12) Lambeau Field

13) got beat by the NFC Divisional Round Opponent in Regular Season

14) got beat by the NFC Championship Opponent (if we get there!) in Regular Season

15) Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, Ross, Blackburn(!), CWeb, Eli, DeOssie(!),Tollefson, Jacobs, Bradshaw, McKenzie, Snee, Tynes