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Content for the Sake of Content?

This NY Giants blog does not put out content for the sake of content.  It is a super slow time of year in any event, but add the lockout and it is really hard to cover anything meaningful.  

We have been completely absent on the Plaxico Burress sideshow.  He’s no longer a Giant and he’ll get a “fresh” start (at the age of 34, no thanks!) somewhere else.

Wonder is on record preferring Britt over Nicks.  He likes them both.  But you cannot quantify (without getting a psychologist’s ok as part of your due diligence) which guys have off the field issues that will be a problem and which ones don’t.  So far, Nicks is coming out on top because of the headcase factor.

Adam Schefter reports that negotiations between owners and players are taking place quietly.  He has very little to say beyond that, so neither do we.  The only thing he did say (which we already noted tangentially) was that July 15th is the day beyond which the preseason would be affected.  Pre$ea$on gate receipts are mostly dollars for the owners, NOT for the players.  (No game checks for players until the regular season.  But gate receipts during preseason do count in revenue formulas.)  Our view has been for quite some time that since the veteran players dislike training camp, they won’t likely do a deal until August so that preseason is wrecked (shortened) and regular season game checks are kept mostly/entirely intact.  We are nonetheless rooting for a settlement BEFORE July 15th, because preseason is desperately needed to ensure the QUALITY of the (at the very least, the earlier part of the) regular season.

Okay, I cannot resist weighing in on the LeBron madness.  For this player, this situation gets filed under the category of “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”  If you want to play for a team that has two other stars (Bosh, Wade), you have to adjust your game.  What position is LeBron?  Is he a distributor at the 1?  Is he a 2?  The guy can play all 5 positions theoretically, but the media are giving this guy a ton of sh*t for disappearing in Q4, which is deserved.  So if you wanted to go to a team with 2 other stars, what did you think the 4th quarter would look like come the playoffs and the Finals?  It would like exactly like this, where your role would have to be defined by many other circumstances.  With Wade hurt Thursday night, this was clearly a time and a moment where offensively he needed to take control of Q4.  He did not.  Does James get way too much media scrutiny? Yes.  Is some of it deserved?  Yes.  He has a total of 11 points scored in Q4 in 5 games in the NBA Finals!  That is unacceptable.  As this writer has opined too many times to count, it is all about the championships.  That is how you keep score.  If the Heat can win game 6 and 7 (not out of the question) James will have a ring, so let’s all be a little respectful of the fact that the guy has some rope left.  To win it, or to hang himself. 

Oh, one more thing, any comparison of LeBron James to Michael Jordan is simply not fair.  To Michael Jordan.