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Dallas 36 NYG 31

We'll do a full recap later Monday.  For now, what more can you say about sloppy football that creates 6 turnovers?  Amazing that the team could have and quite likely would have won 31-30 with "only" 5 turnovers, but yet another muff causes a Dallas TD.

Some very quick points: the Giants OL is not getting it done on run blocking.  So should it surprise us that when they fall behind by 17 in the second half, that the offense starts moving the ball with ease through the pass?  And then when they run, they do it with the draw, not the conventional run?!  Of course not.  This has been the Giant way for the better part of 2 seasons, it is the new identity.  This is what happens when you draft a plethora of WRs (and even a RB) high and you do not draft OL.  So you have to have a passing offense and hope that Eli has enough pocket presence to avoid the rush.  He did enough of the time.

The problems at RB are manageable.  As I tweeted last night, you have to THROW the ball to Wilson in space, and not give him the ball between the tackles as much.  This will work for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is explained in the previous paragraph.  But with Wilson in space, he is less likely to get spun around/hit in tight quarters and fumble the ball.  He is more likely to make the defender miss completely, or have the defender happy to just make the open field tackle instead of going for the ball.  Also, we all speculated on twitter about bringing in a veteran RB after Andre Brown went down with the leg injury.  Why Reese did not sign one is (Monday AM QB) more obvious now than ever.

The pass rush must be better.  The Dallas OL was their Achilles heel and there was not enough pressure.

Prince is out with a concussion.  

The short yardage problems for the Giants offense continue.  See paragraph #2 again.  On 3rd and 2 in the red zone much later in the game, the Giants passed for a TD.  Gain 2 on the ground? Doubt it.

Lots of sloppiness to correct.  Gilbride must embrace the Giants offense that needs to pass and then run the ball only as a balancing mechanism, and then through the draw, preferably.  Uptick with Tuck and Nicks, who were as healthy as we've seen them in a long time.  Uptick with JPP, who got some plays under his belt and did not get hurt.  Maybe his injury/recovery is not too significant and he can make an impact this season.  Also was pleased with TT's progress.  If the mistakes can be controlled, the team has the opportunity to do a lot this year.