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David Baas

The Giants have signed G/C David Baas.  From ESPN, here is a scouting report on Baas:

He is a thick wide body with above average initial quickness and adequate agility and body control. He is more of a mauler and brawler than finesse type of blocker, but can dominate opponents once he gets his hands on them. He is not a natural knee bender but will bring his feet with him to sustain blocks and has the kind of temperament and effort that allows him to finish most blocks off. He has come a long ways when it comes to understanding angles and techniques which allow him to sustain blocks better than when he used to rely on strength alone. He does a good job of sinking his hips to hunker down and stop the bull rush and will win most strength contests.

 Back in February, head coach Tom Coughlin made it loud and clear: 

“I’ll just say one – the center position is a concern,” Coughlin said during a session with reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine, “because we have injuries at that spot.”

 Remember, last season,  the Giants had difficulty salting games away. ( ie the Eagles Epic loss  )
 Let us hope Baas can stay healthy and open up holes for Giants running backs especially on THIRD and SHORT.   Furthermore,  Baas is versatile because he can play both guard and center.  At this time, it is unclear on whether he will play center or guard.  And we can expect the Giants will sign more offensive linemen to replace O’Hara, Seubert, and Andrews.

(Update:  Coughlin gets one year extension.  “As we said after the season, we strongly believe in Tom,” Mara said. “We believe in the job he has done.” Giving Coughlin a one year extension, clearly, is a tepid endorsement.  Nonetheless, Mr. Mara has had a pragmatic view of dealing with coaches which comes from years being in the Giants organization.  Evidently, this holds true with Coughlin.  Mara retained Coughlin because 1.) Coughlin is due to earn 5.25 million this year.  2.) Being Mara was a key member of the owner’s negotiating committee,  he knew a lockout was going to be inevitable.  Therefore, discarding Coughlin at the end of last season could have put the organization at a disadvantage.  Knowing that there was going to be an unusual offseason including a frenetic free agency period, having a new coach with a new philosophy would complicate matters.  Since Coughlin remains in place, the Giants organization can focus on obtaining players which fit his system. It is my belief, Mara strongly believes the Giants can win another championship with Coughlin.  Being that no significant coaching changes have been made to his staff, the Giants will reshape their roster for the upcoming 2011 campaign.  And if the Giants have a fourth consecutive season ending collapse, Coughlin will be gone.

(Update:  Rocky Bernard has been released.  In his brief two year stint with the Giants, I have heard his name mentioned three times.  The day he was signed.  In 2009, on the first day of training camp, unwittingly, head coach Tom Coughlin did not know he was injured.  And today’s announcement of his release.  Good Riddance.

Earlier today, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora has heard the Dolphins are extremely interested in obtaining Ahmad Bradshaw.  Stay tuned.