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DeAngelo Hall etc..

1) This past February/March the Falcons decided to move DeAngelo Hall. He was looked at by a few teams, including the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins. The Raiders traded a #2 draft pick for him and picked up a huge salary.Now he quite possibly could get cut by the Raiders. The Giants showed some interest in him before, but NOW I suspect they will let him go through waivers so they don’t have to eat that salary… if they are even at all interested. How desperate is Jerry Jones for another malcontent in that loonie tunes locker room? Dallas was also rumored to be interested in Hall before he went to the Raiders.

2) We better win the SB this season because Spags is going to be ultra-hot and ultra-gone in 2009. All the nightmare teams with interim coaches et al. Lions, Raiders, 49ers, Rams, Bengals, Chiefs have to be looking at him. Maybe all you Gilbride-lovers can explain to me why your boy was not sought after last season and will likely not get any interest yet again for a head coaching job.

3) A win by the Giants on Sunday night would assure the Giants of at least a split vs all division rivals and essentially put us ~3 games in the loss column over all of them, since Dal-Wash the following week will generate another loss. The bottom line on that one is that beating Dallas this past weekend was a tremendous tonic for the end of season scenarios and another win over Philly is going to make it really tough for all of them to have any serious division chances. And considering what is happening in the NFC South, the wildcard is no picnic either.

4) Garafolo makes a “bold” midseason call about the gmen vs the Cardinals in the NFC Championship, but where did you hear that first? Try Wonder, 3 WEEKS AGO!

5) Let’s look at the Eagles’ 3 losses. Cowboys Week 2, 41-37 shootout. Bears w/o Westbrook. Redskins without Westbrook after early injury in Game when they were leading comfortably 14-0. In other words, with Westbrook playing, this will be a very good game.