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Denver 26 NYG 6

Yes, everyone, the season is over for the Gmen.  But we have a special treat for you.  You are a loyal Giants fan who deserves to understand exactly why the team is playing so poorly.  Read on for the diagnosis and the cure.

1) No one got killed.
1) Nothing was bad… because it was all ugly.
1) The entire team, soup to nuts.  Vomit looks better than what we saw this evening.  Yes, truly ugly everywhere. 

In 3 years of wrap ups, we never did one like that.  That was quick! 

It is on evenings like this one that we are looking for answers.  How do we sort through this mess?  Where is the source of the problems so that they can get it fixed?  In comes The UltimateNYG New York Giants football blog guru Wonder.  (Note: this is not commenter StevieWonder. This is Wonder the Jets fan who knows a thing or two about the other 31 teams better than everyone else knowing their own team.)  It is in times like these that Wonder’s objectivity can help us to see what is going on.  Onto the diagnosis and the cure provided by our football savant.


Wonder on the Giants’ Defense:

1) Forget Matt Millen’s analysis about the OL and DL.  The DL does not have any LBers who can shoot the hole.  Remember the play at the end of the Ravens/Chargers game where Lewis shoots the gap, tackles Sproles for a loss and ends the game?!  When was the last time you saw a Giants LBer bury the RB behind the line of scrimmage?  The problem is what you have been talking about for 2 years…  your observation about the Giants not having a #1 LBer since ’84 and a #2 since Kanavis McGhee (until Sintim) is scary.  When I run through all of the defensive linemen, these are not bad players.  I’d take them on my Jets team, combine them with the Jets LBers and we’d have a helluva front 7.  Yes, Tuck is hurt.  The Giants need Canty to play better, so I believe some of that is just because he is returning from injury.  The quality at DL is there.

2)  Sheridan’s schemes are poor/antiquated.  They are playing too passively.  He’s worried about linemen covering gaps, worried about the screen pass.  The DL is playing scared football.

3) When Phillips and Ross are healthy, the Secondary is serviceable. 

4) Terrell Thomas is going to come on and have a really good Year 3.

5) Spagnuolo made a huge difference because you did not know what he was doing.  He would run different coverages out of the same look so you had no indication of what was coming. 

6) If the Giants had Maualuga they’d likely have two more wins this year.  He’s a hitter and you need a hitter desperately.  It energizes your team’s defense in ways you cannot explain.  Cushing and Matthews are both doing great this year but they are not hitters.  Maualuga is a hitter.  That is what you are missing.

Wonder on the Giants’ Offense:

1) The problem with the Giants offense is not the offensive line.  It’s your boy Gilbrown and the OL coach.  Defensive Coordinators have caught up to the Giants OL of last year.  There is absolutely no variation.  The sets are very predictable. 

2) Snee, fine. O’Hara fine. Diehl needs to get moved to RT.  Seubert is serviceable because there is great value to a player who has been with the others and knows the (subtleties of the) assignments within the unit.  McKenzie is not the player he was, so you move Diehl to RT where he belongs and you GET A LEFT TACKLE. 

3) Eli is fine.

4) WRs are fine.

5) Jacobs seems to be mailing it in after getting that big contract.

Wonder on the Giants OVERALL as a team:

The Giants are NOT THAT FAR AWAY.  Sheridan and Gilbride both s*ck.  Replace both of them.  You need LBers.  You need a hitter.  I would not get rid of Coughlin, unless it is was for someone better like Cowher.  Cowher is defensive-minded and understands what is lacking, but other than him anyone you will replace Coughlin with will not be as good.