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Department of Fandemonium CONTEST

Doubleheader today. Not only is there a blog post on a discussion of LBers, but we also have a Department of Fandemonium Ultimatenyg Contest.

The nice people at Monster.com Fandemonium are going to give away an autographed NFL football signed by Michael Strahan to the winner of the Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog contest. But first a word from our sponsor:

Monster.com and the NFL held a competition to find the Ultimate NFL Fan. Michael Strahan hosted the competition. Tons of video, Strahan Bloopers, you name it. And if you need a job, Monster.com is your site.

The Ultimatenyg Challenge- Name the players that get drafted in Rounds 1 through 3 of the draft by the NY Giants. That is 5 selections (1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b).


5 points: each correctly MATCHED selection.
3 points: right player, wrong spot
2 points: wrong player, right position
1 point : wrong player, wrong position, right position elsewhere in first 5 spots

Tiebreaker-the entry which is submitted into the blog comments section FIRST.

You can guess a trade for any pick or combination of picks. Simply select what the pick was traded for. Any guess of a trade needs to be submitted at least the previous day BEFORE the trade is announced by Ralph Vacchianno of the Daily News in order to be accepted. Players and their position chosen in rounds 4 through 7 have no bearing on the contest. Answers must be submitted to THIS post’s comments section.

1 – Britt WR
2a – Freeman LB
2b – Robinson G
3a – Johnson S
3b – Turner WR

1 – Nicks WR
2a – Greene RB
2b – Brinkley LB
3a – Loadholt OT
3b – Turner WR

Sample Score= 2 + 1 + 0 + 0 + 5= 8 points

Winner gets a Michael Strahan autographed NFL Football (a $300 value) with free shipping. Courtesy of MONSTER.COM and the guys at M80 newsroom. Good luck.