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Diehl, Beatty, Ballard and Bernard in the News

Two of the NY Giants Offensive Tackles are in the news this month.  Last week, Will Beatty was held out of OTAs. And last night David Diehl was arrested for DUI.

Tell me how our Offensive Tackles are doing this season and I will be able to tell you how the season goes.  This was the takeaway from the April 28th draft analysis.  Diehl and Beatty are the likely starters. Brewer is first on the depth charts behind them. 

The 2012 draft did not add anyone that would likely supplant these 3 players.  Mosley and McCants may or may not be able to stick on the squad, but it is less likely that they’ll be seeing meaningful playing time in 2012.

When you add all of this together, this is why OT is the most critical position on the roster in 2012.  The loss of McKenzie makes the depth more important.  Beatty’s retina? A question mark.  Diehl’s DUI? A question mark.  If both guys are on the field for 16 games, the Giants will be ok.  If they are not, that means questions.

Separately, the Giants have waived Ballard and re-signed Bernard