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Different Pathways to Linebacker

Time to vote for the Giants 2010 record.  

I sure hope Matt Mosely knows something we don’t.

Earlier this week, quietly the Raiders picked up Jay Alford.  Alford and Andre Brown were two players who missed the entire 2009 season due to injuries in the preseason, but the Giants miscalculated because they thought that certainly Brown would be available for the practice squad. 

Aaron Ross is listed as doubtful.  Can this guy get healthy, please?!

The Bradshawlics have been waiting for this moment since 2008.  Ahmad Bradshaw is starting. Get him the ball in space, please.

Whaaaat?  Matt Mosely has the Giants going to the Super Bowl?  I think the Giants have an outside shot at something as grand as that, but only if a NUMBER of things go right… too many to count.  Predicting a SB is extremely bold.  I’ll love him if he is right, but realistically that is too aggressive a call under the circumstances. 

Showtime’s Inside the NFL gets off to another start of the season.  The interview with Whisenhunt was cut off for the online people, but someone who subscribes to Showtime told me that Whisenhunt was raving about a rookie who he will be starting in Week 1.  Care to guess who?  It is the guy we could have picked in Round 2.  And when we did not, Whisenhunt traded up to pick him with the very next pick.  His name?  ILB Daryl Washington.  Whisenhunt “rarely” starts rookies… this is only the second rookie defensive player he has started since becoming Head Coach.  You think we could have afforded to have had help at LBer this season?  Yes, we are very high on Linval Joseph.  But we were higher on our need for LBer and our opinion of Washington.  If both have good careers, fine, but think about Alford being cut (/scooped up) and where our real help was needed.

The Giants were fortunate to win the Keith Bulluck sweepstakes?!  Isn’t it interesting to see who was runner-up?  Ken Whisenhunt.   Who comes out ahead in 2010 is debatable.  By 2011-2012, it will not be close.  Both the Giants and the Cardinals were in desperate need of interior linebacker help.  The Giants went yet again to the rent-a-linebacker, while our competitors went to the draft.  Whisnehunt even tried for BOTH!  Maybe LBer is still an important position to some in this new century.   At this point, all we can do is count on Bulluck’s knee to be good enough.  I hope for our sake Mosely knows something we don’t.