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Don’t let the door hit you on the behind as you leave

Barry Cofield is a nice player.  Class act.  But how I wish he could have come to terms with the Saints on a deal during the draft.  This article was a very interesting read.  Garafolo earned his bacon.  You have to read articles like these to learn and understand what is happening.  For me personally, I am VERY glad to hear about it because at least the Giants were awake and willing to make a deal.  This was a screaming do.  Hasta la vista, Barry.  I’d sell Barry Cofield for a #2 pick in a heartbeat. 

A #2?!!!  Yes, it is the last pick of the round, but that is a sweet pick. Too good to be true.  And it was.  C’est la vie.  You are the quintessential 4, a replaceable starter.  A nice starter for a 4th rounder.  An overachiever.  To get a #2 for you at this point in your career? Sold. 

Kudos to Reese for willing to deal.  Do you know who was there at 64?   

The Saints took Charles Brown, OT.  Score. You could move out Cofield AND McKenzie in ONE stroke.  Done. 

Back to May 2010, we have Cofield.  Here’s to hoping last year’s surgery is completely behind him and he can make an impact this year.  There was a reason why Cofield was of interest to the Saints, in that he is serviceable.  This should tell you more about Defensive Tackles- MEN in their mid to late 20’s are needed to perform this job, so if you need one immediately to get a starter, you are likely not going to find it in the draft. 

And a word on McKenzie.  This guy helped us win a Super Bowl.  He was a terrific free agent signing back in ’05 by Accorsi because he’s given us many years of solid play.  But he’s showing more wear and tear each year.  Youth is going to be served.