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Draft Project Links and Dallas Giants Tickets

A couple of site notes:

1) I heard on ESPN during lunch today that some tickets for this Sunday night’s game went for ~$2,200.  When I checked with our ticket sponsor’s site, TiqIq, they were going for far less.  (Seats were offered for as low as $191+.  You can use that link, but remember that they have a permanent link on the right sidebar also.)  You should always use TiqIQ as a good resource for pricing.  They also give you an ability to dial in to get any tickets at any particular part of the stadium.  We may not like the idea of management selling PSLs, but at least it gives you a better opportunity to go to any ONE particular game without having to pay for the license, the season’s tickets, or the preseason games.   

2) Speaking of the right sidebar,  take a look below on the right.  I finally got around to updating the 2011 Draft Project’s links for Wonder, Pete, Draft Daddy and Anthony Carillo.  Now that we have two years of drafts in the books, all we will need is one more year, and then we will finally be able to begin grading how these analysts have done.  Verfication is key.  You take the good with the bad, the great calls and the ones that missed.  Together we are going to get concrete understanding of just how good (or not) these analysts do versus the NFL General Managers.  We are only 1 year away from beginning to grade these guys.  All of them deserve a lot of credit for the work they put in and their willingness to do what no one else is willing to do- get verified.