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Today’s the Big Day.  2010 NFL DRAFT! 

TONIGHT- 730PM ET.  Right here on the blog, we’ll be having a live forum to follow the draft using COVER-IT-LIVE.  Our two draft experts Pete and Wonder will be here and Glenn, Motown and I will be moderating.

Lots to talk about.  Final thoughts before this evening..

Andy’s Round 1 wish list (in this order):

Why No Defensive Tackle? Because I want to get paid now, not in Year 3.  Invest after Round 1, not IN Round 1.

Wonder is a little more blunt about the notion of DT for where we pick: “You focus on getting CAM THOMAS IN ROUND 3.  He can be almost as good as Dan Williams in Round 1.  F Dan Williams. This goes back to all of those DTs drafted in Round 1 over the past 10 years that YOU SHOWED ME!  If you want to draft well, be ready.”   

I find it interesting to note how many people have Pierre-Paul going in the Top 15, while Wonder had him 32 and Pete had him 29.  Yesterday, 32 media guys in their representative cities held a mock draft.  At 15, the Giants media/sportswriter took Pierre-Paul.  I find myself oddly hoping he is picked in the Top 14 so that the Giants do not even have opportunity to “invest” in another “potential” candidate.  Understand this- JPP may be the best pick in the draft. He also may not. It is because of the latter lack of certainty that his stock should not be so high.  If I am sitting there at 15 and have to pick, and each year I take the McClain/Thomas/Iupati/Pouncey and you take the JPP, I’ll have 100% excellent and you’ll have a fractional portion of stellar.  Just hand me the excellent lock and let me take risks in later rounds.  And fwiw, every once in a while the excellent is stellar too, so you do not get penalized for doing what is right.

On Friday morning we will all be buzzing with what took place in Round 1.  With Round 2 and Round 3 awaiting, we may not have a great deal of time to adequately preview those rounds.  With that said, you have the Draft Boards of Wonder and Pete.  Some, or possibly most of the players here, could be gone but here are…

Wonder’s Draft Steals for Round 2:
Vlad Ducasse
Ben Tate
Charles Brown
Daryl Washington
Nate Allen 
(Golden Tate, not for the Giants)

Wonder’s Draft Steals for Round 3:
Major Wright
Jimmy Graham
Dominique Franks
Ricky Sapp
Lamarr Houston
Montario Hardesty
Aaron Hernandez

Wonder’s Draft Steals for Round 4:
Corey Wootton
Perrish Cox
Chad Jones
Clay Harbor
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

So for all of you RB yahoos (that’s right, Marvelous, you too!) out there who think the Jacobs/Bradshaw/Ware/Brown sky is falling and that we desperately need a RB answer, well, here it is for you: Tate and Hardesty.

So for all of you DT yahoos out there who think we cannot answer this problem without a first Rounder, well, here it is for you: Cam Thomas, Lamarr Houston.  And Pete offers up Terrence Cody and Linval Joseph.  Wonder concurs on Linval Joseph: “A horse.  No stats, no publicity (except by Pete), SLEEPER!  Moves pretty good, Strong as a bull.  You get him in R4 or R5, super value.”  

See you here tonight.