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DRC signs 5 yr Deal with the NY Giants

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has signed with the NY Giants!  More kudos for snagging a terrific CB.

Since the era of Free Agency began in 1994, there has never been a year like this one for the NY Giants.  Nothing from the past 20 years comes close to the ferocious path with which Jerry Reese has taken in rebuilding the 2014 team.  The NY Giants franchise's tone was set by George Young.  It was marked by deliberate, methodical plodding and operated under the assumption that the grass wasn't necessarily greener in the neighbor's yard. That hallmark was shattered from Day 1 this past week with Geoff Schwartz and continued through today with the signing of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC).  


And on the surface, everything has been pretty much excellent all around. The deal is 5 years, 39M (as per NFL.com).  But either way it is a score.  While we know DRC is a tremendous talent, we turn to Wonder for his opinion on the deal:

"Great signing.  Great bleeping deal.  I am upset that the Jets didn't get him.  There is one thing that you must do- use him properly.  Press coverage, not that soft Tampa2 bullbleep."  Anyone that looks at DRC historically will see tremendous inconsistency.  The Eagles used him in the slot- a mistake, a waste.  So if Thurmond is in the slot, DRC and Amukamara are used on the corners, the defense is going to be awfully tough.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsYes, on Sunday morning we were thinking that perhaps the relationship to Antrel Rolle might pay dividends with the Giants landing this player.  And on Monday AM we saw this from Rolle…

Kiwanuka took a paycut to make room for Reese to go after DRC.  This is how it gets done.

The Super Bowl is not won in March.  Everyone knows what happened to Vince Young's proclamation of a "Dream Team" in Philly.  So there is guarded optimism about the assemblage of talent by the Giants here in the offseason.  Still, there is every reason to believe that if McAdoo and Fewell do their jobs, that the Giants will be very competitive in 2014.  And if JPP returns to form… the NY Giants can easily be contenders.