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ELI: Score 31 Pts/game in 2013

There is good news and bad news for the Giants in 2013.  Which one do you want first?

The good news is that the Giants can have a Top 5 Offense in the NFL this year.

The bad news is that the Giants can quite possibly have a Bottom 5 Defense this year.


Let Eli loose.  We spoke with Wonder about this, and he is in complete agreement about Wilson. "He needs to get 4 catches per game.  The OL is not going to open the holes for him, so stop thinking run and start thinking spread offense pass game.  Go 4 wide with Wilson in the backfield.  And throw the ball."

Wonder is very high on Eli this season.  He thinks the Giants QB can throw for 4400 yards and 32 TDs in 2013.  They have to simply scrap the idea of 'old Giants football,' stop thinking about time of possession and start thinking about the magic number of points needed every week to win games… 31. 

As high as Wonder is on the offense, he's as equally sour on the Defense.  Echoing the tape recording which has been played over and over again here on this NY Giants blog, Linebacker is simply awful.  "With the exception of Keith Rivers when healthy, there is no other LBer on their roster that can start anywhere in the NFL," says Wonder. At Secondary, he likes Stevie Brown but is luke warm on Amukamara and says that is about it.  What about Rolle, we ask?  "Getting older, a good leader, but he is not going to be a big factor."  Wonder, who himself has had back surgery, believes that JPP will not be able to contribute here in 2013. "You need your legs, back and hands to drive off of these 320 lb. OLmen, and I just don't see JPP coming back and being effective."  JPP is certainly a huge variable, as no one really can predict his readiness and effectiveness, not us or anyone. If JPP is able to contribute meaningfully (ie second half of the season, with impact), then that alone will change the tone of the defense.  But for now, Wonder does not see it, and that is why he sees the defense as being very poor.

As a side note, if JPP can regain his form in 2014, imagine the bookends of Moore (in his second season) and JPP.  In 2013, it will be a rookie, Kiwi, an always hurt Tuck and a healing JPP.  Too many question marks.  We'll be thrilled if Tuck and JPP can assist, but Wonder for one is not counting on that.

The logic is simple- if the defense is weak, it is going to be incumbent on the offense to score aggressively.  This blogger always gets nervous when the word "aggressive" and "offense" are used in the same NY Giants sentence.  If there is anything consistent about the Giants, it is that Kevin Gilbride is consistently inconsistent with his use of the gas pedal. Is it possible? Necessity is the mother of invention.  If the defense is going to be weak, then the offense has to win many games this year.  This is already the way the NFL works in 2013 anyway, so just confront the brutal facts and attack on offense.  With the weapons Eli has at his disposal, why can't he rack up the points?!  This has to be the recipe for 2013, where the offense understands that it needs to be the unit that goes out and wins the games.    

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