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Eli’s audible laceration


Fortunately, we can draw relief from the battery of tests on Eli which confirmed a three inch head laceration  requiring 12 stitches.



Perhaps the Gmen’s woeful red zone production can be attributed to some of Eli’s puzzling decisions.  Last year after the Charges loss, Andy points to Eli’s poor decision to audible out of a pass into a run that resulted in another red zone failure.  Was he hit in the head on a play prior to his laceration? Given he didn’t even communicate with his RB who is the centerpiece of the play called in the huddle?

Eli  brushed the gaffe off .  “Sometimes you make a mistake and you get hit in the head. It’s preseason. You learn from it.”  Well not only does he set his teammates up for failure but clearly puts himself in danger as someone had to account for Calvin Pace who was charging off the edge unblocked and his hit in the head could easily have been more severe.  Monday night’s incident was a scary moment for their franchise QB. As the Giants have been fortunate, Eli has not missed any playing time since being named the starting quarterback.  Eli’s self inflicted wound creates an opportunity for Rhett Bomar.  On Saturday, apparently with Eli out, Bomar will get more playing time. And  with more playing time, we shall see what he can provide as the future backup?  Much like what Glenn stated in his post yesterday,  I too am intrigued to see more of Bomar and hope he can make the move up to #2.  Sorgi played well but the future is with Bomar.


Well apparently Eli doesn’t think he will play against the Steelers this Saturday but he’ll have to worry more about the part in his hair.