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Enough of Preseason. Onto the Regular Season.

I watched the replay of the NYG-NYJ game.  I listened on radio to the first half of the NYG-NE game.  Folks, this is going to be a long season.  Buckle up.  The offense has simply not made the improvements it needs to make to be ready for week 1.  It will improve as the season continues.  But it is not ready.  The Giants(1st string starting) Offense was unproductive. Eli 1-4 for 0 yards vs the NE second stringers.

The biggest news from the last week was that Geoff Schwartz’s injury is not worse than it is, and that they hope to have him back later in September. Yay.  There are some things to get excited about.  Nassib.  Damonster.  Kennard, Andre Williams. Weatherford. Running game/Jennings.  But I am very concerned about the Offense, specifically the Offensive Line, Quarterback and Tight End.  The Giants wideouts also struggle with inconsistency. Cruz is best in the slot.

The defense should be ok if they can get a pass rush.  Moore needs to get into the starting rotation, even if it is just passing downs.  Still need to watch JPP for signs of QB pressures. We have not seen a Giants pass rush vs the 1st string of the opponent here in the preseason.

So as we head into the regular season, I am looking for improvement from week to week.  I am not looking for or expecting many wins early.