Ultimate NYG – The Sports Daily http://thesportsdaily.com Sports news, analysis and reaction—without an agenda Mon, 22 May 2017 19:32:52 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Flowering Offseason? What is the story with Flowers and Hart (pictured)? This is the question that almost every...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/flowering-offseason/ 2017 NYG Draft Recap Believe it. Don’t believe it. NY Giants GM Jerry Reese: “..we expect (Flowers and Hart) to...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/nfl/2017-nyg-draft-recap/ 32 Predictable Pieces of Public Promotion 32 Draft Platitudes. On Draft Day, all 32 teams have won! Since we know that...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/32-predictable-pieces-of-public-relations/ 2017 NFL Draft: 70% of Parents Believe Their Children are Above Average The 2017 NFL Draft is over. Enter the pundits who start grading out how everyone...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/2017-nfl-draft-70-of-parents-believe-their-children-are-above-average/ NYG Select QB Davis Webb in Round 3 The NY Giants drafted QB Davis Webb in Round 3. “This is a good pick,”...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/nyg-select-qb-davis-webb-in-round-3/ NYG Select DT Dalvin Tomlinson in Round 2 Our analyst Wonder raved about the “monster” and “unguardable” skill set of Evan Engram, the...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/nyg-select-dt-dalvin-tomlinson-in-round-2/ NYG Select TE Evan Engram in Round 1 Great news and bad news. The great news is that TE Evan Engram is a...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/nyg-select-te-evan-engram-in-round-1/ 2017 NFL Draft Busts These are our analyst Wonder’s Busts, players that are highly rated yet should not be...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/2017-nfl-draft-busts/ Wonder’s Top 50 Draft Board for 2017 Wonder: “Here is the Top 50 prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, a lot...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/wonders-top-50-draft-board-for-2017/ 2017 NFL Draft Part 3: TE LB DB Tight End Deep in quality, but not many superstars. Depth. Best TE class since 2010,...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/2017-nfl-draft-part-3-te-lb-db/ 2017 NFL Draft Part 2- Defensive Line Wonder continues with more evaluations… Defensive Tackles Jonathan Allen. Gets the most press. Will be...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/2017-nfl-draft-part-2-defensive-line/ 2017 NFL Draft Analysis Part 1- Offense Our NFL Analyst Wonder comments on the 2017 NFL Draft. We’ll get to TE tomorrow....]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/2017-nfl-draft-analysis-part-1-offense/ NY Giants Outlook for 2017 Heading Into the Draft We did a YouTube session with Dima Raitzin on the NY Giants outlook heading into...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/ny-giants-outlook-for-2017-heading-into-the-draft/ NY Giants 2017 Schedule The NY Giants 2017 Schedule has been released. Sun Sep 10 830PM at DAL Mon...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/ny-giants-2017-schedule/ NY Giants Injury Turnaround A picture is worth a thousand words. The Giants significantly cut down on injuries, finishing...]]> http://thesportsdaily.com/ultimate-nyg/nygiantsinjuryturnaround/