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Fewell: No DL rotation. JPP: back problem.

Not off to a great start in East Rutherford.

First, we hear that JPP has a back problem.  Then in the same article we have the words of Perry Fewell, who does not believe in DL rotation.

Michael Strahan had back spasms on and off for a good portion of his entire career.  Is this a pinched nerve? Or is there more?  I am betting that someone got an x-ray on Saturday. 

As for the rotation, or lack thereof, didn’t Fewell get the memo from Accorsi and Reese that these are defensive linemen and we rotate them?!  So let me get this straight- 2 of the following 4 people (Tuck, Osi, Kiwi and JPP) are going to ride the bench?  Maybe someone can explain to me what the plan is.  Is Osi gone after 2010? Is Kiwi gone after 2010? Are both gone after 2010?  

Back to JPP, here is a rookie minicamp recap thus far.

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