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Fewell’s Adjustments and Rolle’s Leadership

We don’t sugar coat things here on UltimateNYG NY Giants blog.  Many of us were drawn to this site due to it’s objectivity and analytical tint. Many of us are critical of players, coaches and staff when it’s due.  We give praise as well when it’s due.  There are instances when we were incorrect or rash in our judgment but we do own up to it.  Bottom line, we want to see NFC East Division winners AND we want trophies shown at the top of this page. 

We are excited about the potential and possible destiny of this team due to the change in approach most noticeable with their Defensive Coordinator, Perry Fewell.  Yes, a DL playing at a high level does make everyone behind them play at a higher level.  But it’s how the personnel has been leveraged recently that Fewell deserves praise.  If we continue to see him rely on more press and man coverage versus what we saw in the majority of his time with the Giants, including in the 3rd quarter of this past game, then we are given hope. Additionally, the tactical usage of personnel on the defensive line has been key.  When have you ever seen Osi playing on the left side of the line?  How many teams have the luxury of having 2 pro bowl level DEs with the ability to play inside?  Banks adds, “there were times when they went with 4 defensive ends. They had so many configurations that it’s just hard for an offensive line” to match up effectively.  Again, give credit to Fewell for this additional look.  It is simply a different form of pressure.

Banks yesterday gave his seething criticism of Rob Ryan and how he has handled the Cowboy defense in his first season.   Banks goes on to state, “the back end of their defense is where they’ve got their problems.”  But, “I’m just wondering if he’s at the point where he believes that it’s the players and not the system that’s failing and you can’t be so arrogant that you have such a strong belief in your system that you won’t adjust it to the type of players” you have. Because, “in today’s league if you wait on the players to fit your system it’s not happening” versus  “in years past you had guys that your trained for 4 or 5 years in the offseason.  You get them for a certain period time and you’ve got to make certain adjustments” with what they bring to the table.  Banks adds that “it always seems like there is someone off the page” with the Cowboy personnel on the field.  Finally, he ends with a thought we to have have had……”Just wondering if he’s one of those defensive coordinators that just can’t make the adjustments.”  Where have you heard this before? Does the Giants coaching staff’s old school approach explain their lack of adjustment with personnel over these past several seasons? Or are we just overly rash and biased in our assessments?  OR, have they begun to acknowledge that they have had to adjust as they faced elimination these past 2 weeks?

Finally, another element was missing from this team since old gap tooth left after with his ring.  Leadership.  Canty and Kiwi give Rolle credit for ripping into his teammates after the egg they laid versus Washington.  Kiwi admitted that after Rolle’s rant “you saw guys limping out to the practice field, which normally doesn’t happen.”
“He lit the fire,” Kiwanuka said. “And that’s what we needed at the time. You can agree or disagree with him, but normally, what he says is true.”  We heard Rolle being critical of his coaches last season but things have changed with him.  Recently Rolle said “He’s the boss man. We’re his soldiers. We’ve got to get with his program.
I was a little stubborn. I was a little … you know … whatever it was. But we’re all on deck. That’s coaches and players included.”  Banks added that the players “heard everyone bashing (their) coach, we love our coach, we want to go to battle for him so everyone who thinks they don’t want to play for him, that’s proof right there.”  Here is another critical element that was missing that gives us hope that perhaps there is a chance for destiny.