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Final 2014 Draft Thoughts


These are the 10 guys, one of which the Giants must take when they pick at 12.

If Barr or Ebron is one of the 2 left at 12 and you pass on them, shame on you.

Ebron will totally change the way they operate on offense.

Barr will totally change the way they operate on defense.

These two guys are playmakers.  Barr can be a better playmaker than Mack. Wonder even thinks it is possible for Barr to play up to the level of a Derrick Thomas.  We don’t want to use too much hyperbole here, but he has unlimited potential and must be evaluated in that context.  He is humble, quiet, well-spoken; he is every coach’s dream as a team player.

Ebron is going to be an offensive juggernaut.  He will be Eli’s safety blanket and he will force defenses to change their schemes to deal with this receiving threat. While Wonder thinks he will be taken at 9 by the Bills, there is a chance Lewan could be taken at 9 and then Ebron falls to the Gmen at 12.  TAKE HIM!

If these 2 are gone, take a blue chip talent like Gilbert.  But don’t tell us that Martin, Donald or Mosley are going to be taken.  Mosley as a MLBer will not have nearly the impact of an OLBer like Barr.  Martin is not as good a prospect as Pugh, so why are you considering him at 12?  And Donald?… you just gave up Linval Joseph in Free Agency, to draft yet another in a long series of DTs? In Round 1?

And if somehow all 10 players are gone at 12, YOU TRADE DOWN AND DO NOT TAKE CEDRIC JONES.  (Have a prearranged trade down in place with 2 or 3 other teams lined up just in case.)

Oh by the way, if the Giants draft Ebron, you’re going to know a lot about McAdoo.  You’re going to know that McAdoo already sees how this player is not going to be a Gilbride TE wallflower.

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