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Final thoughts and intragame comments for NYG-PHL

Why is the point spread +3 when the Eagles are at home with the high-flying Michael Vick?  The spread does not make sense.  I tend to think this is a good thing (as it implies the Giants will indeed be able to be very competitive), but will not make a call.  Speaking of good things, glad to see 7 out of 10 geniuses have the Eagles, 3 of them with “best bets.”  Phil Simms: “I think the (Giants) can contain Michael Vick.. I am taking them in the game.”

With the Gmen depleted by injuries, the name of the game is now: make the playoffs.  Of course we’d all like to see a first round bye, and that is on the table.  But with Smith indicating weeks before his return and the OL in a shambles, realistically the injuries will mean some losses.  The Giants just need to get into the postseason tournament.  By then, we assume O’Hara+Diehl+Smith+Andrews will be healthy and the offense can go into overdrive.  This is a very weak league.  If the Giants have their players back, are playing well at the end of the season and get into the tournament, then they can go very far.  All they need to do tonight is show up (which I feel fairly confident they will do, given the egg they laid last week) and play well.