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Fool Me Once

I am writing this with 3 minutes left in the N.Y. Giants vs San Diego Chargers football follies.   This is a very frustrating game if you are a Giants fan and a disaster if you root for the “lightening Bolts” We are going to try and stay as positive as possible although,there is much to be concerned about. The most important thing is that the Giants get a win after 3 consecutive losses. The last loss against the Eagles was embarrassing and depressing. The Giants definitely showed that although they have big problems they also have some guts. If they had lost today the season was arguably over. They won so anything is possible. I was amazed at how badly the Chargers played. I think Ladanian Tomlinson was a great running back. He is all class and at his peak he was arguably the best in the game. That was only three years ago and the man we saw today should not be playing. The Chargers decision to trade Michael Turner and keep Tomlinson is a textbook case of how the front office can destroy a team. Turner had a good season last year and is having a great season currently. The Chargers have no running game. They are one dimensional and you can’t win consistently just throwing it. Peyton Manning threw the ball 50 times today. The Colts barely won but it is not a good sign for the ponies. We’ll see how that plays out. The Colts still are unbeaten. 

Flash! the Giants have blown the game. San Diego has scored with 20 seconds left which is making me sick. Joe Pisarcek has nothing on this one. I don’t see how the Giants can challenge for a Super Bowl. I don’t see how they make the playoffs. You can’t really blame Eli for this one. When you look at the time of possession it is nothing short of cataclysmic that the Giants lost. Good teams don’t lose this kind of game. We are in trouble.

Kudos to Kevin Boss, Michael Johnson,Steve Smith,Ahmad Bradshaw,Fred Robbins and Justin Tuck . Was there anyone else playing for the big blue? No team should score the way the Chargers did to win a game. Shame on the Giants coaches(Sheridan) for not having a defensive scheme for just this sort of game. My “turkey” award goes to Lawrence Tynes who can’t kick and  whose blown field goal attempt might have made the difference. The snap was good,the hold was good and Lawrence decided not to kick the ball. I’ll write something in a couple of days when I have had a chance to digest what I have just witnessed.

I have had the opportunity to read some of Andy’s comments and they are spot on as usual. The emotion for me is manageable now but the frustration lingers. Andy is correct in my opinion about the Giants last drive. We have spoken frequently about the horrible execution in the “red” zone. The play, calling a run by Jacobs on third down was a foolish call. It also underscores one of Coughlin’s most glaring flaws. You are playing with an injury depleted defense and you have a chance to “ice” the game. You call Jacobs number on a plain vanilla run. Jacobs by the way had something like 60 yards rushing for the game. In essence,you are turning the game over to the defense which has played o.k. but has been lit up on pass coverage all season. You are giving up the ball to arguably one of the best passing teams in the N.F.L. You are playing what under different circumstances is a very conservative call. It turns out that the conservative call would have been to stick it in the end zone or try to. If it works,game over. You have Steve Smith and Kevin Boss who are pretty good at getting open. Both players were having a good game. The Steelers would have used Heinz Ward. Every team has a go to player for such a situation and Smith is always getting open. He and Eli have good chemistry and the worst result would be the same as a play that had almost no chance of success.

The people who read this blog are very saavy. Coughlin tells his team to step up and play like they are able. The problem is that Coughlin ends up stepping in it rather than stepping up. His call showed no confidence in his team and more importantly gave Rivers a chance to beat him. One must remember that the Giants passing defense has been swiss cheese all year!