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From the penthouse to the outhouse? It’s never all good or all bad.

On Thursday we are flying high, on Saturday we come crashing to earth.  This is why it is never that bad and it is never that good. 

Steve Smith has a groin injury.  Rich Seubert has a broken bone in his hand.  But…

loyal Giants fans who clicked through to the rest of this morning’s post get some good news too- Kenny Phillips is scheduled to return to practice on Monday!  Very nice, very encouraging.  It is still way too early to jump to any big conclusions, but it sounds pretty positive. 

More time is needed to assess the seriousness and length of the Smith/Seubert injuries.  Groin injuries are like hamstring injuries and can take forever to heal.  Let’s hope it is not too bad.  I know they want Smith to have the work and the timing, but he’s just such a terrific player that I’d lean in favor of more time off so that he heals well… if he needs 2 days, give him 4.  If he needs 2 weeks, give him 4 weeks.  Remember that it was Smith as a rookie who was hurt and out of the lineup for many weeks… he came back late in the season and was part of a group (including Boss for Shockey  and Bradshaw for Ward) who energized the team.  So Smith will make his presence felt more quickly than others when he comes back.