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Do it NOW, as the voting closes Friday evening.  Last year there were more than a few reasons why we were the 2009 Best Football Blog.   We ask you to send your Giants (and other NFL) friends here and let this track record determine if we are worthy of your vote:

1) Bloguin team players.  Ultimate NYG has done Q&A and Scouting Reports exchanges with every NFL Blogger on the network that the Giants have faced during regular season games. Wayne Fontes, Total Titans, 18 to 88, Foxboro (preseason!), Midway Illustrated, Cowboys Nation, Fight for Old D.C., TFDS, NFL House (Draft Project, see below), and even a Brian Westbrook Tribute linked with Eagle Eye.

2) The Draft Project– Pioneering an innovative way to not only showcase our draft experts Pete and Wonder, but also to quantify and validate their expertise 3 and 5 years from now on their analysis.  Two other outside blogs joined the Project to get their track record validated. 

3) Detailed NFL Historical Draft Research performed only here at UltimateNYG.  We examined 10 years of NFL 1st round selections, 316 of them in total, to find out what player positions have yielded the best results, which GMs are doing the best (and worst) and most importantly how much more value there is (NOT!) in picking sooner than later in round 1

4) Links to research, forwarded by Steven Levitt (Freakonomics), which independently confirm and support our conclusions.  Giants commenter: “You guys do it right. The Giants content here is the best on the web. None of the sensationalist stuff or what we necessarily want to hear, but rather what we need to hear.”

5) Satire.  When things go bad and Hixon goes on IR, you better laugh or else you’ll cry (and Giants fans are doing a lot of crying while watching Reynaud return kickoffs and punts).

6) Objective Insight.  Last November, when the Giants beat Atlanta to improve to 6-4, we said the Giants were a mediocre team that was going nowhere because they could not play defense.  The gmen finished 8-8, giving up an AVERAGE of 36 points in 5 of the remaining 6 games.

7) Great HandicappingUltimateNYG is 5-1 in its Giants games forecasts and 5-1 vs the spread

8) UltimateNYG Book Club.  Always reading, always learning, always growing.

9) Muckraker.  The mainstream media kissed Tisch and Mara’s toes for the new “state of the art” Stadium they built.  Not us.  We called it what it was- $1.7B dollars for cupholders.

10) Fact from FictionWonder and Glenn uncovered some of the dirty little secrets of steroids in the NFL.

11) Months ahead of the curve.  In early July, we said to “expect a lot from Umenyiora this year (and) expect very little from Alford.”  Umenyiora is 2nd in the NFL in sacks and he leads the league in forced fumbles.  Sadly, Jay Alford was cut from the roster in preseason.  (Also note that Pete was buying Osi at the bottom, last December!) 

12) Game Rewind.  A new feature this year where every week we break down the film to see with further detail what is going on with the Giants.

13) Upholding standards for the game we love, NFL Football.

14) One step ahead of the mainstream media.  Last Thursday, Pete called Deon Grant a “quasi-LBer.”  Three days later a prominent beat writer for the Giants called Deon Grant a “pseudo-Linebacker.”  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well, you fill in the rest.  

15) The pulse of this team.  In 2007, we said the Giants RBs would not miss Tiki Barber.  In 2009 we said the Giants WRs would not miss Plaxico Burress.  In 2010, we said the RBs would be fine.  And Ahmad Bradshaw leads the NFL in rushing. 

16) Exclusive Q&A sessions with Justin Tuck and Gale Sayers.

17) 372 posts during the past year, with posts nearly every day.  Voting for Ultimate NYG is a great way to show your thanks for a year of great fun on the internet.  Glenn, Pete, Paul, Wonder and I appreciate your support.