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Vote for the Best Football Blog.  Click through and do it now.  We have no politics here on this NY Giants Blog, none ever.  We stand on our track record of excellent commentary. If you are in need of a push to vote, we’ll supply you with a little bit of “fact gathering” to demonstrate why this blog is the best of the year.  Send your Giants friends here, let this list of 16 items be a barometer of whether we deserve their vote.

1) January 2009: Deja Blue All Over Again– We outlined how the upcoming playoff matchup was going to be a “do over” of Week 14.  The Eagles defensive blueprint was nearly identical.  Still waiting 10 months later for “Gilbrown” to figure it out. 

2) February 2009: Betting on the Super Bowl– A treatise on the near impossibility of being a successful long term bettor.  Strong and objective content which serves and assists the visitors to the site.

3) March 2009PSL muckraking at the NY Times, exposing the duplicity of Steve Tisch. (Note- you may need to hit the back button on the browser to reload this particular link)

4) April 2009: Draft with Wonder. 3 Giants picks of Barden, Brown and Bomar on Wonder’s short list. 

5) May 2009: Percentages for the rookies of ’09 making it as starters

6) June 2009: Ultimatenyg sniffs out the early signs of Mario Manningham breaking out of the pack.

7) July 2009:  We listed the 5 needs to be targeted while everyone else in the NY Giants universe was talking obsessively about Wide Receiver.  WR was specifically left OFF the list.  Everyone else came around to this thinking months later. 

8) August 2009: Ultimatenyg sniffs out Terrell Thomas as the starting CB before Week 2 of preseason.

9) Sept (5th) 2009Preseason insight, how the first 5 games would play out, and said the season began Week 6.  We said this on September 5th before anyone knew anything about the Saints, Giants or anyone else.  A month and a half ahead of everyone else.

10) October 2009: Putting Pressure on Drew Brees would be vital in order to win the game.

11) Phil Simms on Sunday mornings.  The best analyst in the NFL.  Never stop learning about the game.
12) Wonder on the NFL.
13) Russ Wellen’s forwarded Greatest Game piece, how else do you find that? Strong community of fellow Giants fans.
14) The decorum of the site, respecting every voice.
15) Posting almost every day.
16) The Rules for Winning in the NFL