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Giant Moves

Yesterday, Glenn expressed little regret at the exit of Rocky Bernard.  Considering he was due to make $3M, it is not a surprise.  But considering that Cofield is also gone, that means that the Giants have Chris Canty, Linval Joseph and Marvin Austin available inside.  Expect the Giants to get a warm body with some experience while the two kids get more time to work themselves into the rotation.  Don’t misunderstand the message- we are very excited about Joseph and Austin making an impact.  We simply don’t expect it to happen this season. 

If I am the Giants and Osi holds out, I re-sign Kiwi and move on.  I love Osi, but the Giants don’t have time for hold outs.  Between Tuck, Pierre-Paul and Kiwanuka, the team was planning to release a DE anyway.  So be careful what you wish for Osi, you just might be held out.

Baas is filler.  Between Koets and Baas, the Giants will be covered at Center.  Maybe we can get Andrews back for a cheaper price, because he was great depth.  Diehl, Petrus, Koets, Snee, McKenzie, Beatty.

Surprised and glad that Jacobs is still on the table for the Giants if they can restructure his salary. 

The Giants will be talking to Burress on Friday.  I know I am in the minority on this, but I just don’t see it happening and I do not think it is a good idea to be allocating resources in this direction.  There are so many more important positions on the field than WR, and unless Steve Smith’s career is over plus the rest of our WR crop is a dead end plus Nicks and Manningham can’t stay healthy… well, you get the idea.  Spend your cap dollars on LBer, OL and RB. 

Re the 1 year extension for Coughlin, as Glenn stated yesterday, that was a pretty lame endorsement.  This head coach should have been shown the door after 3 successive years of underachievement.  This is your year, Tom.  You are fortunate that the Giants are so loyal, so you better have answers in 2011.  Here are the UltimateNYG questions: Did Kevin Gilbride get a brain transplant in the offseason?  Is Perry Fewell still planning on using the passive schemes, notably a lack of frequent press coverage?  What is Tom Quinn still doing on your staff?  How is Mike Sullivan going to help Eli Manning?