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Here is the latest on the Giants:

Bob Papa appeared on the NFL Network’s NFL Total Access program.   

Papa shared the following:

1. When it is the Giants turn to make their first round pick,  most likely, Alabama’s Rolando McClain will be off the board.  However, with their second round pick, the Giants can find a quality linebacker.  

2. Due to injuries at running back position and the offensive line, the running game struggled.  After looking at tape with Carl Banks, Papa stated, “blocking was not necessarily what it had been in the past.”

3. Andre Brown is a complete back. He can be a real impact player in the NFL.

4. Giants needed Antrel Rolle.  Rolle is a player who is on the way up.  Having guys like Phillips and Rolle gives the Giants a leg up because they both can play the football and tackle well.

5. Regardless of who they have back in the secondary, the Giants need to get to the quarterback. They did not do that well in 2009.

6.  Perry Fewell is the right man for the Giants. He will get in guys faces and hold them accountable.

Furthermore, according to New York Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano, Gerris Wilkinson will be switching positions.  Instead of being a weak side linebacker, Wilkinson will be playing middle linebacker.  

As for Kenny Phillips, S Kenny Phillips is still limited, but Coughlin is “hopeful” he’ll be ready for the start of the season (not camp, but the season … which is alarming in itself). 

Based on the information provided by Papa and Vacchiano, we can surmise the Giants may draft a safety with their first round pick.  Regarding Gerris Wilkinson, if he can stay healthy, he is a very good player. Going into the 2008 season, Carl Banks was very high on this kid. If you remember during the 2007 regular season finale against the Patriots, on a particular red zone play, Wilkinson was stride for stride with Randy Moss. On the other hand, the Giants may be spewing out disinformation.  With the announcement of Wilkinson to MLB and the alleged Phillips status, they may want teams to think they are not targeting a linebacker in the first round.  Because just as in poker,  you can never let the opponent know precisely what is in your hand.  It is best for them to think that you are playing with no weaknesses.  Then they will not know whether to trade up in front of you for that Safety or not when the draft Rolles around.  During this interview with Papa, he did not rule out the Giants trading up for McClain. Generally speaking, Reese does not deviate from his draft board as far as value.  Nonetheless, if the Giants do draft McClain, the Wilkinson move could be construed as competition.  Jerry Reese has said, “You can always improve your team,” “You can always create some competition and we like to do that. We try to create competition at every position and that is what you have to do. You create competition and let the best guy win the position moving forward. Nobody is safe; everybody has a job to win.”

Speaking of jobs to win,  based on the comments from Papa, the Giants will address their offensive line. Because of Kareem McKenzie’s injuries, do not be surprised if the Giants draft a tackle. Peter, former NFL scout and writer on this blog, has commented on McKenzie. As a result of taking beatings over the years, these nagging injuries are foreshadowing for a player on his last leg.  Besides Beatty and Diehl, the Giants do not have depth at the tackle position. 

Papa’s evaluation of Andre Brown bolsters the analysis of UltimateNYG. Last year, Wonder was very high on Andre Brown.  And Andy pointed out the loss of Brown was devastating.

What do you think about Papa’s comments?  Should the Giants trade up for McClain?