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Giant Odds and Ends

Things will be interesting in free agent land.

1) Where will Pierce end up?  Will he even be able to suit up?

2) ESPN reported yesterday on their Insider that “Westbrook may be headed to NYG.”  I certainly hope not.  Westbrook WAS a great player.  His health means he always one play away from missing too many games.  The Giants already have too many RBs with health issues. Why do they need any more of them?

3) Westbrook said he would not be surprised if McNabb gets traded or released.

4) 2014 Super Bowl at the Meadowlands?  That would be a good thing.  For starters, the people who need to be seen would not bother because they can’t be seen under their scarves,  hats and parkas.

5) Reese talked about Beatty competing for a job at LT. 

6) Reese is prepared to get some players in free agency because the Giants simply have too many needs to do otherwise: “..you can get things done before the draft. It takes a little bit of pressure off the draft and you can be more conscious of picking valued players than trying to reach for your needs in the draft.”