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Giant Outliers

Despite winning a Super Bowl Championship, statistically speaking the Giants defied all logic.  According to the Cold Hard Football Facts web site, author Kerry Byrne is perplexed yet again by the Giants. Byrne wrote:

The 2007 Giants had no business winning a championship, based on the parameters defined for us by NFL history since 1940. The 2007 Giants were, quite literally, the worst regular-season team that’s ever won a Super Bowl. And then the 2011 Giants replaced them as the worst regular-season team to win a title by almost every measure.  

After scrutinizing the tables prepared by Byrne, I am too amazed the Giants won the Super Bowl.

I will argue that the N.F.L. is a microcosm of America. Once upon a time we could expect all teams to give 100% during the whole show. Obviously, that is no longer the case and this years Giants and the others mentioned by Byrne are proof positive.

The NFL wants me to give up hours of my time, spend lots of money on “stuff”, an look up to a sport that has stolen my passion!

People can no longer afford to see their heroes in person.  Kids, so many kids will never know the thrill of a live game, the dogs ,the beer, and the excitement  of a game well played.  We have devolved from most teams leaving it on the field to just a few. I am supposed to applaud players who have no idea of what football used to be and sit”zombie” like in a mindless trance and cheer!

The Giants pulled it off again.  And they are not a good team. Eli,Cruz, JPP, Osi, Nicks and Tuck, (when healthy) were great. Jacobs played the horse’s ass week after week as his “game” was over two years ago. Thankfully, he is gone.  Amen.

The Giants tell us from owners to coaches to some players that we are so very lucky to have them. Tom stinks up the field year after year while people pay “big bucks” and are scammed. Let us not forget, the Giants outsourced their management this year. The Afterburner organization saved this team.  And I will give credit to Coughlin for at least being open minded.

The only way the Giants win is via the miracle! Eli had a year that is almost impossible to repeat. The Giants still have more holes than imported swiss cheese.  And now, we won the right to get the last draft pick in every round.

The Giants O-Line is still a sieve. We have no linebackers, running game, poor special teams return game.  If it was not for Eli restructuring his contract, barely enough  room to maneuver under the cap. One must really believe in miracles because we will need one again.

By the way, the draft is very weak.  The main reason I give Luck the benefit of the doubt is because his former coach Jim Harbaugh  says he is the “real deal”. I saw him play several times and thought he was O.K.  But Luck ran an offense tailored to his strength as the OL in this draft will show. He was not very accurate when I saw him but did have some presence .  Although Stanford scored points, they gave up way too many.

I have some doubts about Luck and only a few players to call “screaming buys”.  Unfortunately, we won’t see any of them.  So whatever is left when we draft: Do we get “gold” again via free agency and  the undrafted?

In the meantime, the NFL owners are meeting in sunny Palm Beach, Florida.  Giants GM Jerry Reese was on SiriusXM NFL radio.    

It appears the Giants are not going to resign Jonathon Goff and Chase Blackburn.  Reese intimated Michael Boley might be the Giants starting MLB on opening night.

Reese expects James Brewer to compete for a position on the offensive line.  We ranked Brewer a FIVE.  This means we believe he will amount to a back up.  On the other hand, Brewer is big and strong (6’6″ 323 pounds). Because of his strength and size, he may win the right tackle spot.  

Finally, the Giants were awarded a fourth round compensatory selection.