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Giants 2010 Secondary

Why does the addition of Bulluck matter?  His knee, at 33, is never going to be great. So why are we excited?  Let’s change tune for a few moments and talk about another unit on defense that can be scary good.  The defensive line? Perhaps, but I am talking about the SECONDARY!

Everyone here on this blog knows that if the DL and Secondary are good, we can have sausage in there at LBer and we’ll cover up that mash.  But the addition of (A HEALTHY) Bulluck shores up the LBer unit and makes them a more competent group.  Together with a strong DL and Secondary, the Giants defense will have more viability against even the best offenses.

For the Secondary, everything hinges on the health of Kenny Phillips.  If he is the next Amare Stoudamire and makes a total recovery from microfracture surgery, then the Giants could have something truly special.

Terrell Thomas
Aaron Ross
Corey Webster
Antrel Rolle
Kenny Phillips

WOW!  That sound is me salivating.

I started thinking back as far as Spider Lockhart, and I honestly could not come up with a better secondary than this.

In 2007, we had the same corners with a lot less experience. Butler had two gears: slow and reverse.

In 2000 we had Dave “Wendy’s Swiss Cheese” Thomas, end of story.

In 1997, Sparks and Sehorn were excellent but Garnes and Wooten were pedestrian.

In 1990, it was all LBers and DL, as Mark Collins was surrounded by very young safeties and veteran savvy in Walls.

In 1989, it was Collins, Williams, Kinard and Guyton.  That was a good set of players.

In 1986, we had Elvis “Toast” Patterson and Williams. Kinard was injured in the stretch run.

In 1984, we had Haynes, Williams, and a younger Kinard and Hill.  That was a good unit.

Folks, if Phillips (and the rest of this secondary) is healthy, this could very well be the best Secondary the Giants have seen.  Together with Bulluck and a reasonably sound LBer unit, the Giants defense can be very special.  Expect the Giants to go slow with Phillips and Bulluck in camp.  But if they emerge strong for 2010’s campaign, the Gmen can have a very special and unique opportunity to put it all together.

Here is more food for thought- when has this team ever assembled a better set of pedigree for the Secondary than now?  You are staring at Thomas2, Ross1, Webster2, Rolle1 and Phillips1.  ALL FIRST OR SECOND ROUNDERS.  The other side of the Accorsi model is applying resources at cornerback.  Reese has adapted to the league in 2010, where Safety too is becoming much more important than the past.  And another added bonus, look at the ages of these guys: Thomas is 25, Ross is 27, Webster is 28, Rolle is 27 and Phillips is 23. S-C-A-R-Y.

That Phillips is 23 is going to hold even more meaning- medical evidence anecdotally supports the greater likelihood of success in microfracture surgery for athletes in their 20’s.  Keep your fingers crossed, because if Phillips comes back from this injury we have an extremely good unit back there.