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Giants 2011 Draft: Rounds 2 and 3

Back in January,  Giants co-owner John Mara appeared on Mike Francesa’s WFAN program.  Francesa asked Mara what position do the Giants need to upgrade.  Mara told listeners the Giants had to improve the linebacker unit. Since Mara suggested the linebacker corps needed improvement,  UltimateNYG’s Andy Furman was hoping the Giants addressed this need through the draft.  In fact, intrepid Andy was at Radio City Music Hall covering the draft.  Out of a scene from Waiting for Godot,  Andy waited endlessly for the Giants to choose a linebacker.  Here is a list of his tweets. 

Not worried about that LBer (Ayers) going, the magic # is still 3 for jh, mw  
And of course the one who should be there, Dontay Moch 
if they dont take Wilson/lber I will shoot myself 
they should be running to the podium to take Wilson
ANOTHER DT, we are going to run a 6-0-5, see how they works???!!!   
Marvin Austin is a very good player, but he isnt what the Gmen NEED, especially when a LBER, a terrific LBer is available? 
Now we are going to hear that Kiwi the tweener is going to go back to LBer, that THIS is their plan?
Wonder says Austin will NOT be a problem off the field forthe Giants.  On the field, the problem is that I got a memo that he is not a LBer.
the insane hope of this blogger is that they trade up once two of the three LBers (JH, MW, and DM) are gone and go for 3rd LBer remaining.  
Question for the Giants fans out there- what language was Mara speaking when he said the Giants needed___ LBer?!!!!! 
speaking here with some members of the media who understand the giants, they did not understand the reluctance to go LBer either. 
so the giants finish day 2 w two players like in two positions we dislike.  WR is not w/o some need, but once again there were some LBers   

Much to Andy’s chagrin and followers here at UltimateNYG,  the Giants did not draft a linebacker in the second or third round.  Although the Giants drafted good players ( Marvin Austin and Jerrel Jernigan), the defensive tackle and wide receiver positions were not pressing needs as offensive line and linebacker.  Austin’s selection means DT Barry Cofield is gone.  Even Rocky Bernard may be let go too. On game days, the Giants dress three defensive tackles.   Because with Austin now on the team, the Giants have a stockpile of defensive linemen.  Like Pierre-Paul,  Austin will most likely contribute on special teams.  Speaking of special teams,  Jernigan is a speed guy who can only improve our putrid return game. 

So after three rounds, the Giants have still not  added an offensive lineman or linebacker.  What are your thoughts?