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Giants 24 Jaguars 20

A gritty win.  Go Big Blue!

Although things looked bleak at the half, the Giants did not give up.  In the second half, the Giants played sound football.  The offense scored touchdowns.  The defense played much better.  We saw a physical brand of defensive football which was reminiscent of Giants’ defenses from yesteryear.  And the Giants did not turn the ball over.  At this point, the Giants are 7-4.  With this gut check win, they are still alive for the NFC East crown as well as a playoff spot.  More importantly, the Giants have key players nursing injuries.   Nicks, Smith, Diehl, O’Hara, and Andrews are expected to return soon.  All we can ask: defeat Washington.  And subsequently, get the aforementioned guys get back in the lineup.  Then, we can talk about making reservations for North Texas in February.

Analysis from Peter Furman:

The New York Giants played a game at home today against the Jacksonville
Jaguars. The Giants were coming off a two game losing streak against Dallas
and Philly.
 Every game is a big game for the Giants but this one grew in importance.
The Jaguars were coming with three consecutive wins. 
 The Giants were being tested in a way they could not handle last year and
as Philly was playing later and other teams had risen to playoff status, it
grew in importance.
 We were playing at home against a “hot” team riddled with injuries and
needing to prove they would not just start to mail it in.
 The Giants came out flat and were soundly beaten in the first half. The
Jaguars dominated early. Perry Fewell for some reason opted to use the
Tampa Two, which you all know I abhor. The Jaguars to their credit just wiped
Goff literally out of the game by flattening him play after play.
 This was our biggest fear coming into the season. The Giants are
vulnerable at linebacker. This was the first time that a team just pounded
them into the ground. Maurice Jones-Drew is an elite back and with no one to
meet him beyond the line he was picking up 10-25 yards a carry. 
 The Jags are not a great passing team but Garrard was getting it done. The
Giants were lucky to leave at halftime only 11 points behind.

 What? An epiphany? A pep talk? Professional pride?

 Another Giant team emerged for the start of the third quarter. Fewell started to
bring a lot of pressure. I believe this keyed the Giants success and it was the
reason Blue won this game. The Giants hurt Garrard on three separate
occasions and he was about to become the sixth K.O. quarterback.
Tuck,Osi, Cofield,and the safety blitz just blew up the Jags.
Rolle,Phillips, and Thomas stepped up. They found the key to play inspired defense
and the Jags were held to 3 second half points.
 On the other side of the ball, it is difficult to criticize an offensive
line playing with Boothe as a starter and only Petrus to sub.  
  Jacobs played his best game in a long time. 
 Mario Manningham played like a pro-bowler. He filled in along with an
always good Kevin Boss to score through the air. We are a team that lost
it’s best receivers and that is the big story.
 Eli was mostly good Eli today. He played well although, not great but he
was effective when he had to be and he didn’t turn it over. The difference
is palpable.
 Let’s hear it for the Giants. They won a game they needed and they did it
 coming from behind. They played superior football in the second half instead
of lying down. They proved to the league that they
are NOT the team we watched last year.
 I don’t know if we make the playoffs or not. I don’t think we go far if we
do. However, the Giants made a statement today. In my mind, they are for real.