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Giants coaching staff salary status

This linked piece from NFL.com is an interesting read- it describes some of the dynamic in how NFL coaches’ salaries will be handled by owners if there is a lockout.  What I keep asking is whether the lockout had anything (or everything) to do with why guys like Quinn (Special Teams Coordinator) and Sullivan (QBs coach) were not let go.  Perhaps the Giants will now cut the salaries aggressively and then not bring back some of the coaches, all according to prior plan.  Some of us here on this blog have speculated that one of the reasons why Coughlin was not let go was because the odds of a labor action were very large and that it was cost effective not to have two coaches’ salary during the lockout when all they need is one.  We are talking millions of dollars here, so do not underestimate the Maras to be guided by those costs.  I am still struck by the line when contemplating the hiring of Vince Lombardi: “no son, he wants too much money and a house as well.”